Do You Think Of This Forum When You're Not On It?


Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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I was talking to somebody at work yesterday - and our topic of conversation moved towards religion - not deep, but a discussion all the same.

I found myself reflecting upon some of the things that had been posted in this forum. Then, I started to realize that I'm constantly thinking about this place - not necessarily when will I get to sit at my computer to read and post, but thinking about things that have been said here.

This place is starting to intertwine with my everyday life. I remember as much that is read and posted here as any real life conversation that I have with people.

Do you notice the same thing?
Originally posted by metalmancpa
Do you notice the same thing?

Most definitely! :eek:)
I thought I was the only one >:eek:P Hehe...

When I am talking to people and a certain subject
comes up, and I for once find it interesting I think
about bringing it up here :eek:)

And when I am on my own, on the bus or
something I start thinking about conversations
here, and I find some really good ideas :eek:)

This place is real life to me, since I have started
thinking so much about what you all say >:eek:P
Sometimes when I go to bed, I find myself anxiously awaiting the next day so that I can check up with the Forum.
Or if I go out for a day I sometimes think about what's going on here.
It gets weird:rolleyes:
Metalman: "Then Get Out!:mad: ....... only kidding :lol:


I thought the same words also in a jokingly way. Probably since the 3rd or 4th week since posting here I've been bringing the opinions of others from here home with me and actually sparking conversations with friends to see what their reactions to the topics would be. I tend to mention something that I've read here out of the blue at home and sort of get one of those :err: looks and a "Where the hell did that come from." And I say...


"The lake from which you flow."
Yeah, I think of this forum a lot. When I get into a conversation I tend to remember things that have been said here, and even when I'm doing nothing some (mostly funny) posts pop into mind.
I sometimes talk to people about it. If we're having a conversation about something I'll say "You know, this guy on my Opeth board said....." Then I get looked at like I've just said that I'd like to rape a sheepdog.
I think about the forum a lot while not at my computer. I just think about how much I'd rather be browsing/posting than whatever else I'm doing in "real-life". I often talk with my brother about some of the subjects discussed here. I also let him read/view/listen to some of the jokes or other funny things mentioned(i.e. growl karaoke). A lot of times someone will say something that remotely reminds me of the forum, and I start thinking about the different threads and usually zone out from whatever the person is talking to me about. This place definitely is a large part of my life not only while on my computer but away from the computer as well. I don't know what I would do without the forum. I won't think like that.. :p
Why don't you get your bro to post here?
I think of the forum a lot too :D
Especially when I am heavily involved in several threads, then get too tired to keep posting, during school I'm wondering what's happening on the threads, I get home and they're on the end of the second page usually :mad:

If I'm ever doing something, or I have a life for a few days, when I get back here it's like I'm gone, and it takes me weeks to catch back up.
I am always on my computer and never let him get on really. :p His computer was old and is unfixable. Other than that, I am sure he would enjoy posting here every now and then. He plans to get a new computer soon whenever his bills aren't so bad.
I don't think about it all the time, but if I've read something that was particularly significant to me I'll reflect on it when I'm away from the computer. And I've discussed a few things (meaningful, funny, or whatever...) I've read here with a couple of other people. I think I might have even mentioned it on the radio, but I'm not positive.

(edit: I can never seem to type the word 'from' correctly)
Take a wild guess...

Yes! Yes, yes, yes! :p

I've made some really good friends on here that I talk to off the board, so in that sense, yes, the board is on my mind a lot. But even aside from that, this is the only place where I can find people I enjoy talking to (aside from my b/f who's also here, lol). My group of friends are only good for doing activities, not holding conversations. So this forum gives me that outlet.

I'm going to be away from the board this coming monday through wednesday! Oh, the horror! :cry: :cry: :cry: I don't know what I'm going to do! It's probably not healthy to be that attached. :cry:
Yeah sometimes when I'm about to go to sleep I think of starting some brilliant threads, and then in the morning I forget all about them.

Fuck it.
of course i do = )
everybody knows i am such an addict....
i am always longing for my has become some sort of precious daily activity to me...
and i also talk about the forum.... for example when i discuss about music i mention "this guy from the forum said this and this..what do you think???"
and also i think much of all these philosophical arguments going on here.....