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Miserable Bastard
Apr 16, 2001
Enfield, South Australia
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So I was on the way home from dinner with my Dad last night, relieved that he kept the usual bullshit about what's wrong with my life to a minimum, and Triple M (Adelaide's requisite "Classic Rock" station) was on in the car.

Before I even knew what I was listening to, Nicko chimed in with the count-in from the beginning of Wildest Dreams, then they cut to the chorus and the voiceover guy said something like "Iron Maiden- The new album Dance of Death. Get it *now* at JB HiFi!"

In fifteen years I've never once heard Maiden get a mention on commercial radio. Quite a coup :).

yupz I've heard that ad a couple of times on the radio down here.

Seems to me that it's actually JB that have put that ad on.... which might suggest that they have more faith in Maiden's popularity than the record label / tour promoters / band management themselves do.
This week in Beat and Inpress magazine (street press in Melbourne for those of you in other states) there are half page ads for Dance of Death including special offers at selected stores when buying the album.
In Inpress it was a free Wildest Dreams DVD single from Gaslight Records, while Beat had TWO half page ads, one for a free poster, the other for an entry form to go into a draw to win Eddie's Archive from Gaslight, Voyager Music, Leading Edge, Hi Fi Supermarket and CC Music in Geelong.

I don't want to jump to conclusions, but this plus the radio promos indicates EMI is definitely trying to drive sales, which could indicate a tour here is a definite possibility. There was very little promotion for BNW, so I would imagine sales weren't that impressive and this ultimately adds up to NO TOUR. I know that promoters here have made enquiries about the band touring but nothing has been confirmed so far. Providing the album sells well I really think we will finally see Maiden here next year.