Dublin tonight, Belfast tomorrow.


Formerly Ulster Mosher.
WooHoo. After the wait, the day has finally arrived. Two Anthrax gigs in two days. Its gonna be mental. Will post comments on both gigs when I get home each night. Its gonna be mad, and I'll probably be deaf for a week. But Hell, its Anthrax and I don't give a shit.

:headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
Just back from the Dublin gig, and it was fucking awesome. Best gig I have ever been to. Got right to the front, sweat like a bastard, and even managed to catch one of Charlie's sticks at the end of the gig. Setlist, from what I can remember of it, in no particular order.
Blue brothers intro
What doesnt die
Got the time
Caught in a mosh
Keep it in the family
Refuse to be denied
Safe Home
Rooom for one more (I think)
Metal Thrashing Mad
Bring the noise/Whiplash

No Random acts of senseless violence, or Madhouse. But there's still 1 gig to go later tonight.
Three t-shirts were available in Dublin last night. Music of Mass Destruction t-shirt with tour dates, We've Come for you All t-shirt with tour dates, and a Pentathrax t-shirt with 04 on the back. I bought a MOMD t-shirt last night, and will be buying a WCFYA t-shirt tonight. Not really interested in a pentathrax shirt. I think there was also caps and keyrings. T-shirts last night were 25 euros, key-rings were 6 euros. Can't remember much else.
Belfast was superb, absolutely amazing. Sound wasn't as good as Dublin, but they rocked. We must have been good, certainly didn't let the side down, coz we got a second encore. Extra songs thrown in tonight were Anyplace but Here, 604, MADHOUSE (Yea, we got it!!!!) and second encore was Be All, End All. Every fucker in the Ulster Hall must have crowd surfed on the last two songs because they were coming over the barrier from all directions. I got to the front as well tonight. Excellent. I can sleep a happy man tonight. The sweat lashed off me tonight and my ribs and neck hurt a bit. My neck from the constant kick in the head from the crowd surfers, but its all worth it. Metallica and Slipknot in Dublin on Friday will be a real anti-climax now. But I'll enjoy it anyway.
Ulster Mosher, I have to agree... that was one of the best gigs I have been to in a long long time.

I thought the new material sat very well with the old classic stuff... I know they didnt play all the classics (we would still be there if they did!) but that just makes me look forward to their quick return all the more... when hopefully they will re-jig the set-list... and tag on some more stuff.

Hey UM, if they keep their promise to return, lets keep our promise to Scotty eh?
h-o-l-y f-u-c-k.
Was at 'thrax in belfast last night. waited out side since 4 o clock and jesus was it worth it. front row, right hand side infront of scott most of the night. shook john and franks hand and got one of scotts plecs. also shook the dude from stamping gounds hand. night was fucking amazing!

p.s got beer thrown on me and spat at in the pit. o_O
I'll be honest and say I've never seen Anthrax before but I'll say that I have never once heard anyone complain about a live performance. Rocking!
You haven't? You haven't lived till you seen Anthrax live. Dublin and Belfast was about my 7th and 8th times seeing them live, and I would do it all again. I work as a photographer and I was as envious as hell of Andy Buchanan, seeing him work at the front and sometimes on the stage. I WANT HIS JOB!!!!!!!!! ;)