EDDIE Rips Up Lisboa!(review posted)


Iron In The Soul
Apr 1, 2002

Wow, the concert was fucking great!
The concert started at 9.58pm with The Ides Of March has a taped intro and ppl started to go wild and when it ended the drums roll and Murders In The Rue Morgue kicked in and everybody was headbanging!. It was a real frenzy.
Then came Another Life and Prowler and was when I spotted that some ppl were "lost" in the show. These ppl must know Maiden from the 90's or even from the 2000's and so they were looking at each other trying to figure it out from out albums those songs were. Neverthess, the longtime maiden fans were headbanging all the way with two songs really well played and sang by "monkey" Bruce :D
The Trooper came and the lost one found their place for a moment and everybody was jumping and singing(Bruce is well dress for this song ;) ).
Then came a sad moment when the show stopped and Bruce dedicated Remember Tomorrow to Manu da Silva, band longtime friend and manager of the famous Eddie's Bar in Portugal. Bruce really sang it with real feeling.
Then the lights came down and the place was filled by gunshots and explosions sounds and some young maiden fans thought that the band was covering metallica's one song he he he but then Nicko pounded the drums with such stamina and Where Eagles Dare began.
Then came the second great moment for all in the night with Run To The Hills.
Revelations came and was a real deal.
Wratchild kicked next and everibody were screaming.
Die With Your Boots On was a nice moment with everody screming die
Then came the highest moment of the night with Phantom Of The Opera and everybody went crazy!
When The Number Of The Beast came we all became satanists :D screming 666 with the supervision of Satan itself on stage(fucking great!).
Hallowed Be Thy Name came and was the pure moment of cheer and when Iron Maiden started will all knew this great show was coming to the end with Eddie of POM trying to get loose from the roppes ;)
The encores came and only the longtime maiden fans knew them and we were screaming in Running Free at Bruce orders , Drifter was fun and to finish we all got Sanctuary from the law outside ;)
There were pyros in some songs, being the best in the TNOTB. The band was in great shape and having a great time.
One of the best shows of Maiden here.