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May 2, 2001
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Hey guys,

just thought I'd let you know about Eventide, from Stockholm, Sweden. No, I'm not affiliated with the band in anyway, I'm writing this cuz I really thing they are great! They are a very young and unsigned act with a great website and some really great progressive melodic death metal. It's very high energy and not chessy at all. They are incredible players. Their drummer totally freaks me out. The guitars are just whacky. Great writing too, they are real prog and truly talented. So I figure the real prog freaks among you will probably like them, here's their website:


There's a tune there called The Collectors Pride, which I think is very futuristic and original stuff. The Silence of Her Fall is also great (they were really young when they did this too). I know we'll be seeing a lot more of these guys in the future and I hope to catch them on tour one day! Seriously, they are worth checking out! That means a lot coming from me cuz I think everything is crap, hahahah.


PS: If anyone knows of any 'unknown/obscure' incredible prog bands then post something about them! If we don't support real talent and orginality then it will go the way of the dinosaurs and we will no longer have a reason to clean our ears.

I know them! They are really good! But I prefer the first one "caress the abstract" on which they play music which sounds a lot like In Flames! Lyrically the singer read a lot of Dark Tranquillity's lyrics....
The new promo is very different to the first cd! Not only because of the sound! The drums sound very artificial, but the guys do really know how to write songs! So, I am also sure that they will one day come out of sweden, they deserve it! Maybe as support hehehe!!!:)
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Hey guys,

sorry for giving a url that doesn't work. It used to work, and that is the correct address. I'm hoping it's temporary.

The address that Hearse gave is for mp3.com, they have a few songs on there from their old cd, which is great by the way! But I think the new stuff is better. They have 3 full songs on the website, if only it was working.

Long live prog metal!

Hello again..

Don't mind the 10$ for the old demo,
You can get it cheaper nowadays =)

And maybe we'll release the demos as Mini-CD's, we are discussing with a label and we'll see what happens...maybe some re-mastering and some artwork and layout changes and maybe a bonus track, who knows? =)

And yes we are pretty good friends with Dark Tranquillity, there has been alot of partying going on at Stannes place during our recording sessions in Gothenburg =)


I listened to the Promo 2000 mp3s, and I must say Eventide definately has It; made me wiggle my feet and all. ;)

Death vocals on those songs are really great. Scandinavian Quality, hehehhe! :D

Well, we have the "Pripps Blå" which is standard swedish beer...
I wonder if I still can make my voice sound like that, I haven't been growling for 6 months or so...
You see, we have had a complete re-design of the band both musically and lineupwise.
The musical direction of Eventide right now is something like Marillion in the 80's mixed with Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree and Van Halen.
It's a pretty colourful mix don't you think?
And I am sorry to dissapoint you, but there are no traces left of the gothenburg sound in Eventide, we just grew apart with it...
We found that progressive rock was the way to go since we are all big fans of that kind of music...

Oh Jakob!

What a pity you do not use these gothenborg elements anymore! I got the 3 songs from your last promo, and I must admit that they didn't knock me out like "caress the abstract".
I mean, bands come and go and musical tastes are different as well, so there's no need to argue.
But nevertheless I wish you the best for I know that you really are into your music and you can be sure that on the day you'll be playing in Germany we'll be there.
keep the fire burning
www.accb.de metal!!!
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Hey Jacob!

Nice to see that you made it here, thanks for giving us the new link to your site.

I don't know if everyone would think the same but I have a wide variety of tastes within the vien of prog, so I think it's great that you guys are doing what you want to do musically, it's the only way to produce real art. Good luck, I look forward to your next offerings. Stay progressive! :)