Looking for some good Melodic Death metal bands


Dec 20, 2004
some people consider melodic Death metal to be pussy stuff, and i know, but i have a thing for melodic stuff. The current melodic DM bands i know of already are:

necrophagist(not really melodic DM, but they have some melodic moments)
edge of sanity
In Flames (i wouldnt really consider them death metal at all, but i know if i didnt put their name down, someone would suggest them)

Sorry if there are enough "Give me some good music" threads, but im pretty desperate to find some new bands.
Fleshgrind and Pig Destroyer...

...Maybe not

I suggest Insomnium and Sternenstaub
Amon Amarth, At The Gates (specifically the album 'Slaughter of the Soul'), and Carcass (specifically the album 'Heartwork'). That is all I can think of at the moment...
Amorphis, although not really Death Metal anymore, but their new album Eclipse is really good (partly grunted). They have some great albums!

Soilwork! In Flames type stuff. Really good I think.

At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul is SUPERB!
I'm a very big fan of that genre:kickass:

The Wake.:kickass:
Blind Stare.
Compos Mentis.
Scar Symmetry.
Omnium Gatherum.
The Duskfall.
Solar Dawn.
Dimension Zero. :kickass:
Callenish Circle.
Eternal Lies.
Mors principium Est.
Goober said:
well melody is a big part of their sound.

WTF!?!?!?... Bloodbath isn't melodic!... WTF AGAIN!?!?!?...

And about the question... DARKANE :kickass:!!!!... that's a nice band... and At The Gates & Dark Tranquillity of course :)
Dark Lunacy. I recommend "Forget Me Not".
Vintersorg. I recommend "Cosmis Genesis". Not very "death metal" I guess, still a very good melodic album that's somewhat metal.

Siebenburgen might fit in here too, "Plagued be thy Angel" is my favorite of theirs.
Nobody mentioned Slumber!!! So i do :headbang:

And i wouldn't say Bloodbath is Melodic Death, it's just swedish Death, which is more melodic in general than the american/bay area/tech. wtf death metal.
melodic death/doooooom/sludge/whatever

swallow the sun

i dont care if its not what you want this band is the next opeth.. fucking brilliant