Evergrey guests next week on Headbanger's Ball


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Got this from Blabbermouth....

"EVERGREY Schedule 'Headbanger's Ball' Appearance - Apr. 11, 2004

Swedish progressive dark metallers EVERGREY will be the special guests on next week's edition of MTV2's "Headbanger's Ball". In addition to talking about their upcoming North American tour with ICED EARTH and CHILDREN OF BODOM, EVERGREY will be premiering the video for "A Touch of Blessing" off their forthcoming release, "The Inner Circle", due on April 27 through InsideOut Music.

The video for "A Touch Of Blessing" was shot in Sweden and was helmed by Revolver Film Company's acclaimed director Patric Ullaeus, who has previously worked with IN FLAMES, LACUNA COIL, DIMMU BORGIR and WITHIN TEMPTATION, among others."

I definitely won't be missing the Ball next week.
Yeah that is way cool!!! Can't wait for the tour to hit SF, got to drink some Fastbeers with the bro's again!!:Smokedev:

PM2000 I grew up in San Bruno/Millbrae, it's good to see another Metalhead from there on this board!!

Hey PM 2000 and Bear-- You got another San Francisco boy here- Looking forward to the 5/17 show w/ EG and Iced Earth!! Evergrey rocks!
wow that's really cool!!!

yes the hosting band has some saying in the videos, i remember seeing the video for Blind on the headbangers ball a couple of months ago finnaly these guys are getting the recognition that they deserve.
I'm glad Evergrey is getting there well deserved exsposure but I always hated Mtv and still do toi this day. Mtv can put on hate eternal, iced earth, evergrey, ect.. as much as they want on there show but Mtv is certainly not gonna win me over like that!! Where the hell was Gay mtv when this band released " In search of Truth " ? Besides Jamy Jasta from Hatebreed ( more like GAYbreed ) is probably the worth host ever and a real jackass wanna be! He acts like he knows soo much about metal but he likes to act like he is a tough hardcore NY motherfucker! Fuck him. he doesn't deserve to even interviw Evergrey! Evergrey deserve way better then Gay Mtv!
Besides Jamy Jasta from Hatebreed ( more like GAYbreed ) is probably the worst* host ever and a real jackass wanna be!

Damn i can't type! LOL
See MTV is all about the stuff that is getting famous, they don't help ppl to get famous unless the artists has someone behind them helping them out 50 Cent + Eminem... If you don't like the stuff that they show then do it like me, just don't watch it, the only time i watch MTV is to watch Headbangers Ball i just gave up in trying to see any good bands ( or at least the bands that i like), i just think MTV should divide their time in amore equal and fair way the way it looks now it's like 50% Rap, R&B and Hip-Hop; 40% Punk Rock ( the sell out stuff) and 10% metal or hard rock