Evergrey to guest on HEADBANGER'S BALL!


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Sep 30, 2001
Virginia, USA
Yes, the time has come! Evergrey will be in studio next week, April 17, on HEADBANGER'S BALL! They will be debuting the video for "A Touch of Blessing." So let's make sure to all tune in and support Evergrey!

Also, look for a brand new Evergrey site to launch in conjunction with the new album on April 26/27.

Evergrey webmaster
Nice job guys but Jamie didn't ask you any questions that were worth a shit. Sometimes I wish they would do like the old days and actually take 5 minutes and interview the band. None of this, "Welcome back to Headbangers Ball. So, are there any bands you'd like to give a shout-out to? No? Well, here's a new one from In Flames..."
I agree. The guy certainly didn't seem to make any type of real effort to talk with the band, which is a real shame. Also, I was away for a minute or two but I didn't see the new video that was supposed to be played, so have they even played it yet?
I saw them play the video for Blinded and I'm Sorry, which was cool because I hadn't seen the one for I'm Sorry before. I probably missed the new one, unless by luck they haven't played it yet.
Yeah really. That would suck, to be a guest on the program and have the program not even showing your video while you were on the show. Maybe they went to get a sandwich or something.