Evergrey to guest on HEADBANGER'S BALL!

Yeah, Soil is not a bad group.

Hmm, I'm starting to wonder. The show is only on for another half hour or more, so if they are going to play it, there's not too much time left, so hopefully they don't shaft us or the band by not playing the video.
I was under the impression they already played it. I got this message from a friend about 45 minutes ago:

Have you heard of Evergrey or listen to them? they sound like something you would like.

If not, check em out, I think you might like it.

anyways, I just saw the video on Headbangers Ball 2 and reminded me of them."
Well, I think Psychonaut is recording it, and I think he did rewind the tape and check, cause he posted "Nope. Not yet. OMG that Norma Jean band sucks!" I have watched all but a min or two and I didn't see it either. So I have no clue what is going on. They did play two videos by Evergrey, but those were Blinded and I'm Sorry.

The video for I'm Sorry was pretty good. There were a couple of scenes where the lip sync seemed off, but the style and presentation was very nice, IMO. Maybe they will post that one on their site at some point.

The host didn't even say when they would actually show it. He just said something lame along the lines of "...the new video will be shown on Headbanger's Ball soon, so keep watching.." or similar to that.
Yeah. I remember when I used to have a channel called MTV X that was 24 hour/hard rock/metal, and then they pulled it for a 24 hour variety channel. Like they need to play anymore variety.
They didn't play the new video??? Are you fucking kidding me??? :yell: I had a family member tape it for me since i wasn't home. Well i guess i won't be wathcin it at all since i've already seen the "Blinded" and "I'm Sorry" videos...and the host asks lame worthless questions to the bands anyways....BRING BACK RICKY RACHTMAN!!! :Smokin: