Extensive Show Review with some news!!!

Wallet Boy

Sep 7, 2001
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Ok, this is for the Nevermore/Savatage show at Jaxx in Springfield, VA and it could get quite lengthy but for Nevermore fans, its worth it.

I got there at 8:00 and doors opened at 7:30, but there was this long ass line because security was very tight, checking bags and stuff, so I was probably waiting for about half an hour. I bought my ticket and went in and they weren't letting people onto the floor yet so we were trapped like sardines. I went to the merchandise table and asked them if they had anymore of the 'Believe in Nothing' EP and they said they were all sold out. I eyed the work shirt for a bit and then went to the other side of the club. They finally let everyone down and there was this crazy race to the front of the stage. It was only a few people so I just walked down and still got third row so I didn't mind. The first band went on called Mindstab, a regional act, and they incorporated some down tuned guitars with growling and singing, and the occassional rap. They went on late so they were not very welcome by the fans waiting for Nevermore and Savatage. He kept asking why we weren't moving around and I just felt like holding up a sign saying "We're not here to see you". Anyway, they got off after about 35 minutes and then the countdown commenced.

Nevermore appeared about 10 minutes past 10:00, after a long battle with Jim's bass equipment, which haunted him throughout the set. The lights went dark and over the speakers came 'Rape Me' by Lounge Against the Machine, or at least I think that it was them, a novelty act that turns current songs into a lounge style. As soon as the song ended, the lights went up and the band broke out into 'Politics of Ecstasy' so the band could do one final check of the sound, with Warrell saying 'I hate you' over and over again over the intro riff. Then they stopped and went straight into Engines of Hate. Throughout the show the drums were too loud but Warrel's voice was very loud too, which is a huge part of this bands sound, so I was happy. Loomis was nice and loud too, especially on the leads. The set list was as follows

Engines of Hate
This Sacrament
The River Dragon Has Come
The Heart Collector
Beyond Within
Inside Four Walls
Next In Line
Dead Heart in a Dead World
We Disintegrate

After We Disintegrate the band just wanted to keep going but they got the axe. They played a solid hour. It ended kind of abrudtly but they put Beyond Within into the set for the first time on this leg of the tour. Also, they added one from DHIADW that they haven't been playing and didn't do Sound of Silence. I bee-lined straight back to the merch table and picked up the last L-Sized Work shirt they had.

I didn't want to stay for Savatage and I was thirsty as hell so I left the club and went to the 7-11 next door, and met a few other Neverheads. They told me that they just met the guys in the back of the club and that they would probably still be over there, so I legged it and found Jim! At first, everyone stayed back and let him load his stuff. Eventually he walked over to sign some stuff and I got him to sign my Dreaming Neon Black cover. Soon, the other guys started to trickle over and I got all their autographs too. The highlights of the conversations were:

-Curran Murphy still doesn't know if he is a full time member of the band, but the band wants to demo their next album at his studio, so it looks hopeful

-Andy Sneap would be the first choice for the new record, but he is very popular and very expensive now, the last "cheap" record he did being DHIADW, but he called Jeff a few months ago and wondered when they could get going again, so maybe he will cut them a break

-A live DVD is up in the air right now. Jim said it was in the works and Jeff says he has to see the footage from the Wacken Open Air festival to see if its good enough to be released.

-The new record will be their last for Century Media and then they will start looking for another label.

-The band would like to play a lot of older stuff on the road but Jeff seems to lose interest in stuff he's written two days after he writes it, and he's very critical of himself, so its hard to just break out an old tune on the road, since he is reluctant to teach them to Murphy. They said they wanted to do 'Lost' from PoE, since the VA crowd was the hottest of the tour (not just saying that, it was truly an amazing audience) but the promoter wouldn't let them keep going.

-If Warrel sees a Sanctuary shirt in the audience, he tries to break out a Sanctuary song for the crowd.

-As far as the new album goes, Warrel has lyrics and Jeff has riffs, but its not together at this point, but it will be brutal, Warrel will make sure of it. Murphy's impression of him was deep and dead on...."We can't use that riff on the next record dude, that sounds like Korn. Uh-uh"

I don't think I have anything else, there was a lot more chatter but I don't think it was anything newsworthy. So there you go. I'll be seeing them again whenever I can. Great band.
Wow, I missed out on some heavy action, with the drums, shit....and WD, changing the definition of hate. Just want to say, I hope they get a major label deal, as they have done there dues & are very professional, if not then METAL BLADE is a cool place for a deal...In regard to producers...they should go with WALDEMAR SORYCHTA, for their last destruction of poetry and hate.
Remember my words.
Thanks for the info Wallet Boy. I've met Nevermore on two occasions, except for Curran because I saw them with Tim Calvert three times, and they all are extemely polite and friendly. As for Century Media, I only like a few bands on that label like Skinlab, Strapping Young Lad, Krisuin, Pissing Razors (I think they're on Spitfire now), and just recently VoiVod. I agree with True Light and believe Metal Blade would be a great label for NEVERMORE. Also, Waldemar is a great guitarist and producer. By the way what happened to Grip Inc.? I know Dave Lombardo played with Testament on THE GATHERING album and tour, and I don't know if it was a rumour, but someone told me Gus Chambers (singer) was in a mental institution. But anyway, I will anxiously await the next NEVERMORE creation .


i was in the front-middle during the whole show, just thought i would share some of the other cool moments. During nevermore, Warrel said it was cool that a lot of people in the crowd were wearing shirts of bands Nevermore has toured with. He mentioned Opeth, In Flames, and Iced Earth (he pointed at me & my IE shirt when he said this!)... for each band he mentioned, the crowd cheered loudly. i thought that was cool... before the show, while everyone was waiting to be let into the stage area, THEY PLAYED AT LEAST 30 MINUTES OF FUCKING DEFTONES!! can you believe it!? DEFTONES!! ugh...

After nevermore's set, they played various songs while Nevermore was taking their stuff off stage and Savatage was setting up. Some Iron Maiden songs came on... and a lot of people were singing along with "Run To The Hills". that was a very cool moment as well...

The next morning while eating breakfast at our hotel, me and my friend ran into a Nevermore roadie. we talked to him for a few, and he told us that the band would be leaving soon... so we hung out in the lounge area for about a half hour, and sure enough the band came out.. We got to meet everyone, except Jim. We also got pics with Van, Warrel and their new secondary guitarist.. damned if i know his name, lol.

well thats about it. it was an experience i will remember for the rest of my life. looking forward to seeing nevermore again, but with a 2 hour set =)
Cool review.Since I talked to Warrel and Jim before the HOB/LA sept.10th show I can relate to some of the things you mentioned.I didn't get the impression they are too happy with Curran.I mean he is with them touring for about almost a year and they still don't know what's up with him.I just think Jeff will do all the guitarwork on the new album.One thing I noticed that I didn't think their guitarsound is too great live.They use these POD amps which are mainly all digital and I think they sound too synthetic.The difference was really noticable since Savatage were just using old Marshall's and their sound was so big.
What a difference with that Jaxx show being all packed and the show I had been.Like I said in another post there were only maybe 150(if that many)in a place that easily holds at least 600 or so...
Thanx for the info. I thought Grip Inc. was a very good band, but I guess Dave Lombardo to some is "the former SLAYER drummer." I hope people can look past that and realize how great he is, (for example working with Testament and Mike Patton and Fantomas). I liked the "Power of Inner Strength" the most out of there 3 albums. Oh well, to each his own.

ZANEX "I AM THE DOG":heh: :headbang:

The best news in there is that Nevermore isn't planning on going nu-metal anytime soon...and if you're going to say something about Dead Heart pointing in that direction, shut up. And I seriously hope that the DVD becomes a reality. And learn the old songs yourself, Curran! Don't be responsible for depriving us! :)
Personally I thought Curran did a GREAT job live, just as good as Tim did. Man that guy has ENERGY!!! But I do think Nevermore will remain a 4 piece, this is what was brought up when Tim left.