Favorite song off Necroticism?

favorite song of necroticism

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Oct 1, 2002
Rumson, NJ
Despite the fact this forum is so dead and hard to see it would probably get about 10 votes in a year, i figure we have the Heartwork poll, might as well make the poll for Carcass's other masterpiece!

Mine is definately "Pedigree Butchery", its just so brilliant but in very subtle ways.... its got that cool intro of course, and goes into one of Carcass's grooviest and meatiest (no pun intended) riffs, followed by those brief acoustic breaks out of nowhere, its brilliant, it sounds like they just decided to take the normal riff and make it briefly acoustic, it plays off it so well.... other riffs of the song have this strange alternating feel, between heavy and groovy, to subtly melodic.... this is most notable during the high point of the song, where after Steer's solo, it becomes very oddly melodic and almost "hopeful" sounding, with acoustic guitar under it, abso-fuckin-lutely brilliant, then launches right back into heaviness, and the acoustics come back yet again with that chilling fade out.... and who can forget the lyrics, its hard not to crack a diabolical smile when reading them. Best Carcass song hands down, one of the best songs ever.

i could rant on and on all day about this album, or even just this song....
My favourite is probably Forensic Clinicism; I find it to be the most crushing song on the album (though the rest are good too). The interchanging tempo gives the song a more textured sound compared to the others.
Symposium of Sickness...

Something about the way that the song has this interlude (the slow riff with the phaser effects on the guitars) and develops into this really moody riff dialogue at the end. Just raises the hair on my neck every time.

Inpropagation gets second place, also for that "I Propagate!!!" part. Classic.
I don't like choosing, 'coz "Necroticism" has been my first album ever of Carcass and still one of my all time faves since over 12 years by now, but I have to, my vote goes for "Incarnated Solvent Abuse". I know all the words of this song and once I saw a band playing a cover of this song and the guys were surprised that a girl could sing such lyrix :lol:
My first post here...
"Symposium.." followed extremely closely by "Forensic Clinicism/..." and "Inpropergation"...
Aw, fuck.... isn't every on on that album good!? Probably the best album ever made, gosh! ...
Very hard to choose, incredible album. I would probabl choose inpropagation if i was forced to though. Amazing riffs, awsome intro, "I PROPIGATE", well written lyrics....

damn i love necroticism

Oh come on, that verse riff straight after the intro just demands headbanging. It also has one of the greatest solos by Mike. Thumbs up to Corporal Jigsaw though, a true classic in any form.
houkai said:
My favourite is probably Forensic Clinicism
Cool. Did you check out DAM's cover of this song on their "Purity: The Darwinian Paradox" album? (the song also features appearances from guys from Gorerotted, Misery Index, Akercocke, etc.) Quality.

P.S. While I'm at it, on their recent UK tour, BEHEADED (Malta) did a blinding cover of "Incarnated Solvent Abuse". Awesome! Shame on all of you if you missed this!!! :D
Can only be Corporal Jigsore Quandary

I still inflict this masterpiece from back in the day on everyone after I've had too many beers o_O Awesome tune from an awesome band