Favourite Death Metal songs ?


Bind Torture Kill
Dec 13, 2002
My list :

Death - 1000 eyes
Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face
Morbid Angel - Fall from Grace
Obituary - Kill For Me
Deicide - Pure Evil / When Satan Rules His World
Possessed - The Exorcist
Death-Leprosy, Pull The Plug
Nile-Unas Slayer Of The Gods
Nile-Masturbating The War God
Aeternus-Wrath Of the War Lord
Decapitated-Human's Dust, Nine Steps, The Eye Of Horus

That's all I can remember right now
Nile-Unas, Slayer of the Gods
Nile-Ramses Bringer of War
Nile-Defiling the Gates of Ishtar

Is this just American Death metal?
Deicide: Trifixion
in hell i burn
satan`s spawn, caco-daemon
Behead the prpohet ( no lord shall live )

Cann.corpse:stripped, raped and strangled
hammer smashed face

Death: pull the plug, open casket..

and many many more...list would be too long..
Nile - Unas Slayer Of Gods
Suffocation - Pierced From Within
Obituary - Chopped In Half
Death - Lack Of Comprehension
Morbid Angel - Fall From Grace
Malevolent Creation - The Will To Kill
Immolation - Of Martyrs And Men

There are a ton of great songs I left out. I just named songs from American bands, since this is the US Metal forum.
Cannibal Corpse- Hammer Smashed Face
Cannibal Corpse- Pit Of Zombies
Cannibal Corpse- No Remorse (Metallica Cover)
Death- Regurgitated Guts
Death- Zombie Ritual

This is US death metal only......
Carcass - Buried Dreams
Cryptopsy - Cold Hate, Warm Blood
Morbid Angel - Where the Slime Live
Nile - Unas Slayer of the Gods
Bloodbath - Ways to the Grave
Dying Fetus - Pissing in the Mainstream
Death - too many to list