How do you prefer death metal lyrically?

In this order:

Spiritual/philosophical(Death etc...)

Supernatural evil/satanic(Old Morbid Angel, Possessed etc...)

Mythological, possibly with evil etc involved(Nile, newer Morbid Angel etc...)

Morbid, not necessarily gory but horror-filled, about suffering and zombies and whatever turns you on(Death, Obituary etc...)

Anti-christian(Deicide, Immolation etc...)

Political and modern world(Napalm Death etc...)

Gore LOLZ(Cannibal Corpse etc...)
Political would definitely be the worst. For me death metal is about creating a different realm and dealing with sinister issues, not whining about the modern world that we hear so much of already.
Anything that's relatively original and thought-provoking, or at least well-written.
I think that grindy death, like grindcore and punk, musically make me think of such political lyrics. To be honest, i dont dislike such if they are well written. The idea maybe "fight the system, step on the faces of the corporate maggots", but written well. I think that such lyrics need to sound negative and pessimistic and scornful, creating the atmosphere that the lyricist finds himself supreme in his struggle against some sort of an error. Well, not quite, but anyway. Old Napalm Death lyrics are nice.
Gore (not humorous gore unless the band is unflinchingly serious, I can't stand anything "joke-y" in this field unless the band is great)
True Satanism
True occultism/abstractions of reality
Fucked up shit
Serious lyrics. There can be a fantasy theme, but it has to involve a real world topic, allegorically or some way refering to reality. Not death metal, but the all-time best example I can think of is prometheus by emperor. The lyrics are talking with a fantasy feel, but it turns out to be deeply nuanced and philosiphical.
1. Supernatural Evil like Entombed and Incantation.
2. Funny gore like Amoebic Dysentry and Impetigo and stuff.
3. Morbid
4. Spiritual/Philosophical/Fucked up
5. Politic/Modern
6. Mythological Fruitiness
7. Goofy Glen Benton and his Christ-hating.
1. 6. Spiritual/philosophical
2. 3. Supernatural evil/satanic
3. 4. Mythological, possibly with evil etc involved
4. 5.Morbid
5. 1.Gore
6. 2.Satanic
7. 7.political
Dodens Grav said:
Anything that's relatively original and thought-provoking, or at least well-written.

If I had to choose between the subjects, I'd say I prefer political and mythological lyrics. I only really like gore if it's funny (e.g. Gore) and anti-Christian lyrics have to be done very well to avoid looking like an idiot.