best death metal-albums!!!

morbid deceiver said:
Fleshgore- May God Strike Me Dead
At the Gates- Slaughter of the Soul

I think you meant 'the red in the sky is ours'.
You should get your hearing checked. I have grown to like slaughter in the soul but it has nothing on the red in the sky is ours. TRITSO is actually a unique originally and innovative death metal cd for the time it came out.
I forgot about this album which is one of my favorite death metal albums. This fullength gets a lot of spins on my stereo.

Funebre -children of the scorn 1991 (spinefarm)
1. waiting for arrival mp3
2. sinner's eve
3. blood on white mp3
4. shiver mp3
5. congenital defeat
6. walls that held screams mp3
7. spirits bewail
8. slumber end mp3
9. redeemed from time
10. grip of insanity
I like the songwriting because it's not verse/chorus/verse/chorus the entire time even if the structures can be rough. I find the music and atmosphere of the album to be pretty unique. The music is very much crushing and sick but still has diversity and atmosphere without actually going into melodic territory to achieve it. Some of the riffs have this 70's sound to them also(some of the slower doomy atmospheric sections).
Funebre's full length is brilliant. Finnish Death Metal has a tendency of being a bit more outlandish.
Perfect word to use. I was trying to think ouf that word but could only think of using unconventional.
Authentic Metalhead said:
Is it just me, or has death metal started to get a little stale with age? There are few DM bands that really stand out to me anymore.

I don't like death metal bands that formed after the early 90's. When younger use to listen to some newer bands but when you look into the style you realize new bands are just unoriginal and b rated like crappy b movies on sc-fi.