Top 10 Death Metal Albums!

Oh ok thanks-I will check out Goat. Their 7000 releases listed on metal-archives is kind of the reason why I have yet to listen to one of their albums proper bc I had no idea which to start with.
Not "best ones", but "personal favourites":

Hypocrisy - Abducted
Death - Symbolic
Morbid Angel - Altars Of Madness
Dark Tranquillity - The Gallery
Sadist (Ita) - Season In Silence
Coram Lethe - Reminiscence
Grotesque (Swe) - In The Embrace Of Evil
Morbid (Swe) - December Moon
Subhuman - Delirio n° 1
Antropofagus - Alive Is Good... Dead Is Better

(No order)