How do you prefer death metal lyrically?


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Aug 2, 2004
1. Gore LOLZ(Cannibal Corpse etc...)
2. Anti-christian(Deicide, Immolation etc...)
3. Supernatural evil/satanic(Old Morbid Angel, Possessed etc...)
4. Mythological, possibly with evil etc involved(Nile, newer Morbid Angel etc...)
5. Morbid, not necessarily gory but horror-filled, about suffering and zombies and whatever turns you on(Death, Obituary etc...)
6. Spiritual/philosophical(Death etc...)
7. Political and modern world(Napalm Death etc...)

Mine in order, from the best to worst:
Probably 3 and 4 more with a lot of imagination and description.

Morbid Angel's "Angel of Disease" is sort of what i'm talking about.
Thats not the point, BMT. Its more about how do you feel about death metal. I personally may or may not appreciate some lyrics, but as an art itself. Lyrics dont add to a song, not for me. Nevertheless its sort of "funny" that they want to say something, and i like it as an art itself. Also, lyrics often are related to the bands sound. Cannibal Corpse sounds more gory and messy while Deicide sounds more hellish and evil. A band like Krisiun does not make you think of a haunted night with zombies and gore, and a band like Cryptopsy does not make you think of invocating an ancient god.
Psychological and or mental pain induced. Inner spectrums of the mind. Schizophrenia. Horrible love lose, tragedy. Horror stories, like King Diamonds.
Spiritual/Philosophical like Lykathea Aflame and Death
Out-there concepts like Wormed
Mythological stuff like Kronos is good
Morbid stuff like Cryptopsy is good too
Gore is alright, though overdone, and anti-christian/satanic is alright too.
EternalEnemy said:
A band like Krisiun does not make you think of a haunted night with zombies and gore...

You're right. Krisiun makes me think of a toilet after I just took a huge, explosive, watery shit in it.