favourite LC album?

I only have two lacuna coil albums but i am working on that ^_^..Karmacode is probably is my favorite because it was the first album i heard from them. When it was released i was wow..this sound is amazing. The melodies and lyrical meaning behind their songs just caught me in whirlpool of ear orgasm. I do want to get their other albums for my collection..but of course it is hard to find the older stuff of any band..*sigh*
I actually like all of LC's albums...I'm the least keen on In a Reverie, but that's not due to a lack of quality, I just think there are catchier, better songs.

I ADORE Unleashed Memories, the songs are epic (1.19, Cold Heritage, Wave of Anguish, Halflife, Hyperfast)...

However, this is difficult to answer, because I like just about every song on Karmacode, Shallow Life and Comalies so...I'm gonna say Karmacode, because you can rock out to EVERY song. :headbang:
This is a hard question. I'd say it's between the Lacuna Coil EP, and In a Reverie. My favorite are: "The Secret", "This is my dream", and "No need to explain" from the EP. From In a Reverie my favorites are "My Wings", "To myself I turned", "Stately lover", "Circle", "Honeymoon suite", and "Falling". Their earlier music was a lot more experimental, I think(Voice and music). I don't know if I think they're getting worse or just evolving. I think it's just not exactly the same music as before.

Unleashed Memories actually isn't a favorite of mine, although there are beautiful songs on there, such as Halflife, Cold Heritage, Current Obsession, Stars, etc etc. And I actually like some of the songs on KarmaCode("What I see", "Fragile", "Within me" is alright to listen to every once in a while...Well those are the only songs I like. I guess that's not a good thing.) I am not sure where "Spellbound" is from, as I haven't been listening to their new stuff lately. But I like this song, especially the guitars.

I at least think they deserve their new found success, even if it's caused them to go in a different direction, musically.

I started listening to them in the 90s. The cds barely work now, lol. They skip a lot.
I really enjoyed Comalies and Shallow Life. Wasn't a fan of Karmacode. :/ Should be getting Dark Adrenaline which I know I'm going to really like :D Just going to post in an old thread. :rofl:
Unleashed Memories, for sure. To Live is to Hide and When a Dead Man Walks are my favourite tracks.