mr. tokmak

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Apr 17, 2001
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I dedicate this anectode to tcall who nearly burnt his house because of his lack of cooking.

Temel and Dursun was living together in an apartment and they were living on the upper parts of the apartment.Suddenly their house burst into flames.They had no chance to escape and finally they decided to jump to the ground by using umbrella.Later Dursun took an umbrella from the cupboard and he fell to the ground slowly.Unfortunately Temel hit the ground very fastly 5 minutes later.His face was covered with blood everywhere and his leg was broken.
In that situation Dursun asked Temel why he fell to the ground very fastly and Temel replied like this.
Well I tried to find an umbrella but unfortunately I couldn't find it but I found a raincoat,I wore it and jumped to save my life.