GMD Poll: Top Ten Albums Of 1988

I miss the good old days where hotlinking ANUS resulted in coprophiliac porn in the intended image's place.
2) Leprosy by Death
There is no hope or cure...


"Leprosy is still may favorite Death release, even though I listen to Human a lot as well. Why? I'm not sure, I think it's just because it's a good slab of raw old school death metal that stays consistent the whole way through with no weak spots, and the guitar work is great as well." - @Half_Can

"Their best album." - @TechnicalBarbarity & @Phylactery & @MrTagoMago & @HamburgerBoy etc sry i struggled to find many interesting quotes for this except variations on that

Chosen by:
TechnicalBarbarity (#1)
Baroque (#2)
Slammed (#2)
Burkhard (#4)
-CyanideChrist- (#4)
crimsonfloyd (#4)
Anom@nder Rake (#5)
RadicalThrasher (#6)
RedinTheSky (#6)
no country for old wainds (#6)
Satanstoenail (#7)
EspaDa (#7)
Talos of Atmora (#8)
Sirjack (#8)
zerostatic (#8)
The Ozzman (#9)
Serjeant Grumbles (#9)
H.P. Lovecraft (N/A)

Manic Ferocity (N/A)
Phylactery (N/A)


1) ...And Justice For All by Metallica
All is said and done, never is the sun... Never!


"If you think anything off of Metallica's first four albums, especially And Justice for All... is "mediocre shit music of this world" you are clueless." @matt schrauben in a thread about deftones

AJFA has this raw, bleak, monotonal quality to it, like all the hope has been sucked out of it leaving nothing but menacing shadows. there was a time when i'd claim the messy song structures lined the overall sound like a cobweb, but no, often they truly have no internal logic to speak of. but either way, it's metallica's most atmospheric, difficult album, and for all its faults it's still quite a mean collection of songs. i think master of puppets is metallica's most 'perfect' album, the one in which the songwriting is most polished. apart from the odd misstep the whole thing's practically faultless for what it is. AJFA on the other hand has a different kind of charm in its sloppiness, looseness, its wild and ambitious digressions and, above all, its unique atmosphere. it's a weaker album than either MOP or my personal favourite RTL, but it deserves its status as classic, and doesn't even remotely warrant the scorn it's receiving here." - @no country for old wainds

"Re: Metallica:I actually like AJFA more than the rest simply because it has no bass( I don't really like overstated bass). It's totally the most fluent and rhythmically arresting of all Metallica records, in my opinion." - @DarkBliss

AJFA is actually my favorite Metallica album. All Metallica albums have their flaws, and the flaw of AJFA is the glossy guitar solos that don't fit in with the rough, bleak music. I also find some of the major chords on One to be off-putting and to not really fit in with the overall aesthetic of the record or the theme of that song. However, most of the record is just killer." - @crimsonfloyd

Chosen by:
Bloopy (#1)
alex76 (#1)
The Ozzman (#2)
zabu of nΩd (#2)
crimsonfloyd (#2)
zerostatic (#3)
EspaDa (#3)
Baroque (#4)
Vegard Pompey (#4)
Satanstoenail (#4)
RedinTheSky (#5)
no country for old wainds (#5)
Sirjack (#7)
rms (#9)
Elric of Melniboné (#9)
TechnicalBarbarity (#10)
H.P. Lovecraft (N/A)
Manic Ferocity (N/A)

it only got 3 votes and didn't even make the top 30. neither did riot, pestilence, brocas helm, deathrow etc. that sounds like a travesty but when you see the albums above it it doesn't seem so bad tbh. so much classic shit. i'll post the full list tomorrow though, can't be fucked with that tonight. i will make the thread for the next year shortly.
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if zabu hadn't made that last minute edit, it would've finished 8th. that's how close this was.


Throw No Justice for Production out and put Fates Warning in. :D

Didn't you say you had some crappy version of the album? The production is nowhere near as bad as you're making it out to be.

Anyways, strong list. I think it's a tragedy that Helloween didn't make the list, but I think 5 of my picks made the list, including the entire top 3, so I can't complain too much.
Didn't you say you had some crappy version of the album? The production is nowhere near as bad as you're making it out to be.

No there's only one version, I had said that perhaps I had a crappy version. Turned out the production is just a sterile lump of shit.

I'm just shitposting though, I don't hate the album or begrudge it the top spot. I don't care that much, I understand perfectly that not everything I want will make the lists.
My contribution to this Adramelch controversy is inadvertent but amusing. If anyone suspects me of allegiance to the "in crowd", please consider that I'm probably the only one who even listed Ministry, never mind that I gave them the #1 spot.

I'm really not a big fan of this year in metal, so it didn't take much for Adramelch to get #4 from me.
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"orthodoxy" lmao. That might actually mean something if it wasnt coming from the biggest try hard poser to ever grace this place. Lol, fucking lame.

Says the guy trying to force a forum to prioritize the same albums they might find in any mainstream music magazine about metal.

I really don't understand why you think we should have favourite lists that follow the rules of your orthodoxy.
If you want to see all your classics represented, go to or something.