GMD Poll: Top Ten Albums of 1996

So, what's the next year? :D

The shit you remember about what other people have posted in the past is astounding

It's not really astounding, by this point I assume he has a diary under his pillow that he records all his thoughts, feelings and grievances in.

I think the ghost testicle comment was towards CIG's Sixth Sense post which I'm still scratching my head about.

He asked me if I see his nut sack, I said I don't see ghosts via a reference to The Sixth Sense, implying that Tech's masculinity is dead and gone.
Pretty strong list, though I'm bummed Neurosis didn't make the top 10. Vinterland is clearly overhyped around here. Not even a top 10 black metal release from 1996, let alone top 10 overall.

I sampled Scald and felt average about it, but will need to check it out in depth.
Great year for metal, not sure what the feck you guys are on about. For a bunch of people that complain about UM being a traditional metal/black metal circle jerk, you sure do seem to only like 2 genres of music yourselves.

  1. Scald - Will of the Gods is Great Power
  2. Bathory - Blood on Ice
  3. Abscess - Seminal Vampires and Maggot Men
  4. Gravedigger - Tunes of War
  5. Cryptopsy - None So Vile
  6. Solitude Aeturnus - Downfall
  7. Gothic Knights - Gothic Knights
  8. Slough Feg - Slough Feg
  9. Immolation - Here in After
  10. Vomitory - Raped in Their Own Blood

Chilling, listening to some Orphaned Land and playing Breath of the Wild and I just realised, I fucking can't believe I forgot El Norra Alila!!!

It should be somewhere in the middle of my list with Vomitory being bumped out. Not that it matters it never had a chance to win, but gah I hate it when that happens. What a brutal mistake.
All that drama about Scald, and then Scald taking the number two spot... and it actually came out in 1997. Good times GMD.

10. Cryptopsy - None So Vile

cryptopsy none so vile.jpg

9. Immolation - Here in After

immolation here in after.jpg

8. Nefandus - The Nightwinds Carried Our Names

nefandus the nightwinds.jpg

7. Setherial - Nord...

setherial nord.jpg

6. The Chasm - From the Lost Years...

the chasm from the lost years.jpg

5. Vinterland - Welcome My Last Chapter

vinterland welcome my last chapter.jpg

4. Adramelech - Psychostasia

adramelech psychostasia.jpg

3. Thy Serpent - Forests of Witchery

thy serpent forests of witchery.jpg

2. Iniquity - Serenadium

iniquity serenadium.jpg

1. Sacramentum - Far Away from the Sun

sacramentum far away from the sun.jpg

Demo/EP list:

1. Dawn - Sorgh på Svarte Vingar Fløgh
2. Cardinal Sin - Spiteful Intents
3. Bekhira - Demo 1996
4. Sorhin - Skogsgriftens rike
5. Zemial - For the Glory of UR
6. Ildjarn-Nidhogg - Svartfråd
7. Mortuary Drape - Mourn Path
8. Grand Belial's Key - A Witness to the Regicide
9. Regurgitation - Conceived Through Vomit
10. Sinister - Bastard Saints