GMD Song Survivor: Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind - Round 5

What is the WORST remaining song on Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind?

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I'm curious which songs would win on The Number of the Beast, SSotSS and Somewhere in Time. If Hallowed Be Thy Name did not win on Number, I'd perhaps lose my faith in this board.
phylactery and baroque have both changed their votes from last round despite their song not being eliminated. can't make up your minds, guys? ;)
After re-listening to all 3 tracks there's not much between Flight of Icarus and Where Eagles Dare so I just flipped a coin this time. I've made it clear I want To Tame a Land to win.

Not sure why Baroque is voting since he doesn't even like the album.
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says the guy who changed his vote from flight of icarus the previous round. you can still change your vote you know ;)

i fucking love 'where eagles dare' and mightve voted for it to win in the final anyway so i don't actually care
oh the poll already closed, i didn't notice. that was a quick three days.

are you up for doing another album, pompey? i quite like this format.