Guitar Players And Equipment!

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Jul 12, 2002
Phoenix AZ USA
Hey everyone! I play guitar like alot of other people do here. I was just curious as to what everyone has, and plays through. Effects, guitars, amps...what ever.

I havea Jackson Rhoads V -Black with Black hardware
Another Jackson King V - MY BABY! All black, coast me a pretty penny ;)
And my first guitar the piece of shit Fender Squire start. :p

I've been playing guitar for about 7 years now...and can't get enough :)

I have a Marshall valvestate 6500 combo amp and a Boss, Graphic EQ and my Boss Metal zone 2 pedal :)

That's pretty much my rig as of yet...But I need help getting thick heavier tones. So if anyone's out there really into equipment. Im a newbie to it and would love to know how to get certain tons.

So post your equipment and have fun :)

i have an ibanez rg570EX with a di marzio steve's special in the bridge (fuckning amazing guitar...beset i've played)
and ibanez s270 (really crap, made in korea, neck is kinda warped)
digitech rp200 multieffects
laney 60 watt combo

i just recently got the dimarzio put's an awesome pickup. I'm probably going to change the neck pickup to either an air norton or humbucker from hell

Ibanez RG7620
PRS custom 24 (AA Flame)
Fender American Strat

I play through a rack...

Mesa/Boogie Triaxis
Mesa/Boogie 2:90 power amp
Lexicon Reverb
Line 6 Digital Delay
Fuhrman surge protector
Korg Tuner

1 Marhsall JCM900 4x12 cab
Originally posted by o0 Opeth 0o
You have 3000 bucks for the Mesa/boogie? I dont' :D That's my dream amp! That or a Marshall cab with 4 twelves...that would be fuckin' great! But I don't have any money :( So I ahve to deal with my 65 watt with a 10 inch speaker...

I have a Peavy Studio Pro 128 65watts amp ( not the current model, one or 2 models before the modern ones, when it actually sounded good like a tube amp but way cheaper ). It has enough power to have it live playing at smallish bars.
I used to get away with playing shows with my Line 6 60watt flextone, its up to the sound guy to mic you well enough, and if he doesnt u will not be heard, or ull sound like arse hehe.
I have:
Ibanez Prestige RG2027X (7-strings)
Ibanez RG550LTD
Ibanez - some acoustic, can't remember the number...
Washburn - bass, can't remember the humber either...
Line 6 - POD 2.0 - multieffect
AKG C3000 - mic
Roland GP-16 - multieffects
Behringer Ultragain Pro - pre-amp
And a lot of music-programs/plug-ins on my computer...

And that's about it, I use these stuff only for recording, so I don't even have an amp :)
To create the sounds and voicings of the devil and other unsavoury moments in gross musical travesty I use:
2 Ibanez Universes, both black with green :headbang:
1 Ibanez s540,
1 Ibanez Jem BSB,
1 BC Rich USA Warlock,
1 Ibanez RG-Gimp(bastardisation of parts and victim of a handdrill)


1 sparkly silver and abused vox wah
1 boss gt-5 (suffered enourmous abuse+explosions and is still alive :D , used as a noise gate + midi foot controller)
1 korg tuner (dtr2? the better one of the two. more lights :))
1 Mesa Boogie triaxis, (preamp of the gods, all the distortion you'll ever need)
1 pre 69 100w marshal super lead head (power stage only)
2 marshall 4x12's, one with greenbacks(originals, not reissues), one with gt75's. Quite a nice blend.

Years of studentdom, malnutrition and stupid bank loans. But I'm happy (and skint ;))

If you want heavier tones you'll need a larger amp. I'd actually recommend a peavey 5150 as it has shitloads of gain, and will stop you using a distortion pedal (bad bad evil things, unless you are using an overdrive pedal to overload the preamp stage, in which case they are used for good). Also avoid any of the newer marshall amps as they sound like shit IMHO (nowhere near as good as JCM800's and before).
playing 11 yrs.

-Jackson Kelly
-Fender Strat
-Alvarez acoustic
-Marshall 8240 2x12 combo amp
-Digitech floor processor
-Tama Swingstar 5 piece (the old model with the larger toms!)
-Sabian cymbals
-digital home studio!!
-many mics, stands, cables, softwares