Harvest video, Black Water Park Deluxe Edition

RiffBoy said:
I was talking about your erroneous spelling, nothing else! :err:

And, by the way, you don't have to be a detective to just read his name on the cd cover or on their site! :)

And "dipshit"!?
Come on...!
You got busted, so what? Swallow your sorrow and write something nice!

A Reason To Sing said:
So basically, the version I have, there are two cd's. The first Cd is BlackWater Park. The second cd contains a little video of the guys in the studio. They where working on harvest I guess. There are a few links. There are three images of the group. There are two unreleased tracks. One of them is 'Still Day Beneath the Sun' and something else...I'll get back to ya. I'm currently at school.

It's pretty obvious but I'll write it anyway
the second song is "Patterns in the ivy II"

I didn't know there's a brown delux edition...
I have the black one too.
RiffBoy said:
No, you're not...

Because IF you were, you would know how to spell your (his!) name!!!

So, there!!

:lol: looooooooooooolll!!! you just made me laugh like a madman!