Hey Billy, Did you see Fuse TV today?


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Dec 31, 2003
Richmond VA
Tom Morello and Serj were on Fuse tv today, once again talking shit about America and the Bush adm. I was hoping that you would have busted through the studio window and Milano Moshed all over those douche million airs' asses. Also, I just wanted you to know that this is my first post on the board. I have been reading your posts since the board has been up and I will tell you this. I have agreed w/ everything that you have said politcally. I have been a fan of yours since Speak English or Die came out. The thing is I was only 11 when I heard it. So I have been following your career ever since. I am so glad there is someone like you who has views like mine. Because I'm sick of these winning little bitch-ass tree hugging butches like Geanine Garafolo and Fat rich dicks like Michael Moore complaining how bad the USA is. I think you are a legendary frontman and continue to talk shit about those liberal pricks. I'm w/ you 100%. :headbang:
Dudes did you see the uranium with lamb of God? The one dude says that S.O.D got him into metal or something like that.
you know back in the day i used to like Rage against the machine, that dude did some real innovative stuff with the guitar and the songs while not being heavey in a "metal" way , had a good groove and shit...................

But when i saw that woodstock `99 video where they burned an american flag on stage they moved right to the top of my list......... the list of people who if i ever meet WILL get kicked in the balls................
Tom Morello is so stupid if you put his brain in a bird, the fucking thing would fly backwards. P.S. I realize he's a Harvard Graduate. He must test well.
Juliya is a fun party chick. I run into her all the time at shows in NYC and Long Island. She always wasted out of her mind and is mad cool.
Karina_666 said:
Tom Morello is so stupid if you put his brain in a bird, the fucking thing would fly backwards. P.S. I realize he's a Harvard Graduate. He must test well.
Big difference between book smarts and common sence................
this is my "default" avitar.........................Im working on a new one that is sure to offend hehehe..............................
I still got it, i use it on some of the other message boards I visit, the majority here is "Pro Bush" so I really dont need it here........... But on the megadeth board Alot of people dont like it so it stays. If i can tear my self away from my new game for a night I could finish my new one

1. How can they complain about America and the system when they are the most harden communist in the music industry.
2. If they are communist how come I can't go on their tour bus or have them buy me dog food. What happened to each his needs?
3. An education from Harvard/Yale or Oxford means nothing if you don't have an ounce of common sense. They Don't. I will say this- they have tremendous "Acquired Knowledge" which means exactly dick when you don't understand the entire accumulative historical events around the particular knowledge you have learned. Also- you have to be able to understand both sides of issues and events to make a reasonable argument about certain historical fact.
4. If you think either of these idiots knows anything about what Ronald Reagan sold Saddam Hussein in weaponry, I will vote Kerry!!!!
Right on Billy! I just absolutely hate it when some musicians get rich and then all of the sudden they hate America. What the fuck are you doing here then? Do they not realize that they most likely wouldn't be rich if it wasn't for America? I'd like to see these assholes try and make it in the music business from a cave in Afghanistan.