I´m proud of my amp

Sep 8, 2005
had a gig this saturday.

My amp is a B52 AT100, put it with a Triple Recto for other guitar, i played the recto, but the AT100 give good fight, i dont compare it with the mesa , but man, was really close, in a 100% scale i give 60 to the recto and 40 to the AT100, easily. my amp with stock tubes (not good ones) mixed power tubes (three stock sovtek and one mesa), the triple recto almost brand new, fresh tubes, of course the recto is way louder.

So im proud of my amp, im happy with it, at least until i can buy a 6505. :headbang:
I just recorded a B52 and was pleasantly surprised. Not bad at all, and I only played around with the settings for maybe 15 minutes. Glad you're happy with yours. :)
I tracked a B-52 recording a punk band a while back and it was pretty sweet. I'd imagine it would work well for metal.
I'm hoping you made a typo and meant to say "mixed preamp tubes" and not power tubes.

Seriously, I wouldn't do that.


i´ve played that way about 8 months now , and have Zero issues.

But if is a serious problem, please someone tell me , because is my first tube amp, and don´t know much about mixing tubes and stuff. but all four are 6l6´s
Anyone?? please help me, found nothing on the web, and im starting to worry about it :confused:

unmatched power tubes may or may not blow up your amp. i have seen people do it for years with no problems and some people have problems right away. matching your power tubes will make the amp sound better.IMO.
Hey!, Thank you!!
Well i´ve played a lot with it with this "unwanted son" tube and sounds good, never had a problem, so maybe there is not much to worry about, however i want to retube the amp soon, an maybe some mods.