Tube Amp Frenzy.


Jan 21, 2006
Reykjavik, Iceland
If the quality of an amp would be measured by the numbers of tubes...
this one would surely be the winner..
It has been getting some good reviews, but once you join this forum you dont trust anything untill you read it here :headbang:
does anyone know anything about these amps? ugly looking buggers.

Im currently looking into selling my dsl100 stack torn between
a KranK Revolution or a Peavey JSX.....gonna try the jsx soon. But as im in Iceland theres not a single revolution here.
Brett - K A L I S I A said:
12 tubes... HA !!! I have 17 in mine, I win !!! :D

17 is so 80's.....get out the spandex......24 tubes is so more 2006:saint:
I've played one of those B-52's before. It's OK. I played one once and it seemed to lack bass and the gain channels were very bright and "scratchy". I played one a second time and it sounded pretty decent. I've heard them be referrred to as a poor mans Recto, but I'm not a huge Recto fan. May not be bad with the right cab, though. For my money, I'd look at different amps in the used arena for what the B52's go for new.