Amp Spectrum Pack v1 (for Curve EQ)

there will be curves captured from the amps preamp section alone... no power amp+cab+mic+interface coloring...

looking forward to getting these eqs, i currently use your 6505 ones on my peavey XXL tracks and it really helps the tone, however just the preamp ones would be awesome aswell as id record my preamp direct, slam the curve eq on that recorded tone, and put it back thru the power section of the XXL and into my 4x12 and mic and tweak it that way, see how that sounds!:headbang:
hey everyone - i'm new one here.
I want to download that pack in 1 post but I can't (it requires password) - where should i look for this passowrd or could someone upload this file on rapidshare, speedyshare or something?

This is a fraction of the amp collection clips I have so I named it Pack v1.

EDIT: Updated dead link.

Get it HERE

You'll need Voxengo's Curve EQ

To apply the spectrums read here

For the lazy asses:

1. Insert Curve EQ on your guitar track.
2. Click "F" on the Curve EQ GUI to open the file dialog.
3. Load an Amp spectrum file (.cqs)
4. Click "M" and choose the number of bands (sometimes 60 works best, sometimes 7, sometimes others, try it)
5. Play your guitar track for some time (20 - 30 seconds)
6. Press "S" to stop the match. You will hear now the matched guitar track.


A) When matching the spectrum of a certain amp to your guitar track, sometimes the results are to drastic (to much boost in the lows, treble etc) in order to minimize this use the up/down arrows on the Curve EQ GUI these are used for atenuation.
I find that sometimes I need to use 3 or 4 clicks of atenuation (click 3 or 4 times with your mouse on the down arrow in curve EQ) in order to balance the original track to the matched spectrum.

B) I included the Engl Fireball Preamp spectrum for a more mids and more scooped sound. These spectrums should be applied to your preamp tracks (pre cab/impulse). Like using it after Wagner and before slamming an impulse.

AMPS list for Pack v1:

BOGNER (Uberschall, Duende)
ENGL (Fireball+Fireball preamp, E530 preamp, Powerball, Savage, Savage SE, SpecialEdition)
GARLAND (Shadow Walker's custom amp)
Krank (Revolution)
LABOGA (Mr. Hector)
MARSHALL (Superlead)
MESA (Dual Recto, F50)
PEAVEY (5150, 6505, JSX, XXX)

most amps feature several spectrums.

- LETTERS (A, B, C, etc) are for different sources
- NUMBERS A1 (Mids) , A2 (Scoop) mean they are the same amp/configuration but different EQ.

That's it!
More amps coming in the future.

take care


May i request a sticky of this awesome threadness?
For my band's 2005 "Antithesis" record (check the songs on the MySpace in the signature, check "Technocratic") I captured the CurveEQ eq'ing from Testament's "Disciple of the watch" in the "First Strike Still Deadly" cd, matched with my Mesa Dual + v30 + beta58 recorded guitar tracks, and smoothened out some peaks (not the whole EQ, just some peaks I found to be way too extreme), still I somewhat colored the whole sound at the mastering stage by adding some sparkle in the high mids.. Let me know if you like the results!

BTW, for our new record I'm totally going with recording my ENGL Powerball preamp through the SEND of the effects loop, + some impulse... I've been tweaking the thing all night, and that sounds awesome, less "live" than the guitars in "Antithesis" but much tighter.
I know this is bit of an oldie - but could anyone reupload this EQ curve pack? I'm mixing a project where all I have is the preamp signal from a Marshall TSL60 and it's just not cutting it :lol:
I'm a lazy asshole, and have all the sound files in backup somewhere.

first need to find them, second need to create the CurveEq files, then I'll post them for sure...

till then... sorry guys.