Favorite all around amp head?

Petrucci did use a Recto on "Awake." The rhythm tone on "Awake" was two tracks of a Dual Recto and two tracks of IIC+. The leads were primarily the Recto. He's historically used a Recto or Mark IV for a lot of his leads, as he said the IIC+ never had enough gain out of the box, therefore he switched to one of the others when it came time for leads (and used a pedal in conjunction with his IIC+ live).
+1 for 5150. It's my hands-down favorite tone monster of all I've tried or heard, and you can get it stupid cheap if you don't mind a used one. They're not quite as versatile as other amps (only 2 channels and a single EQ that applies to both), but I've found that you can get whatever you need out of the 5150, even if you can't do it all with a footswitch. I know the guys from In Flames use the PodXT for cleans in addition to the 5150 live, and that's another good way to expand your options onstage. A Pod or PodXT will cost you even less than a 5150.
DiscipleOfThePit said:
I'd like to hear Mesa MIIIs with Sneap production.

That being said I probably already have and don't know that I have.

It seems like I recall Andy mentioning before that a Mark IV was used on something he was involved with...perhaps Skinlab?
Guys, a lot depends on the style youre playing. For Nu metal and simple rythym stuff I like the 5150 a lot. But for my death metal music, its too 'Rock and Roll" sounding. I play a 7 string tuned to A# and I fast pick on the low string a lot(guage 62). And with the Peavey its kind of gay sounding. Lots of mids. But the Rectifiers really cut through but still scoop out the mids enough and it sounds a lot better to me. So the way you play will influence your amp choice a lot.

I play deathmetal on a 7 string tuned to standard B and never have a problem with my 5150 sounding 'gay.'

Mids are good. The guitar is a midrange instrument, why cut out that frequency? It probably sounds good alone, but in a band situation...ugh.
I actually use quite a bit of mids and it sounds like the 5150 is my best bet (at least that I can reasonable afford at the moment) so I'm gonna try one out with my guitars at a store soon to make sure it's right for me. Thanks for the help everyone!
Of course I know this. Im not a scooper. When I use the Recto I usually have the mids at 11:00 or so I think. Of course you need mids for note clarity and definition. But the 5150 to me has a 1k ish mid that never goes away. Its just how the amp is voiced. Not saying its not good for anyone else, but for my band and the way I want it to sound, the amp comes close but not exactly what I need. Sounds great on other band's records. Mesa does it for me, but is kind of sloppy sounding. I have a 5150 II that Im using now. Works fine, no one would complain but I just know that every time we record, we always go back to the Mesa. So Im back to saving for one. Had one before in the 90's but it was un-reliable, kept changing sound every time it was turned on. Sold it. Used a new 3 ch version for the record and was awesome.

Engl Blackmore by far. It has a brutal high gain channel, a Fender like clean channel, and 2 in between channels to cover practically any tone you can think of.