I am new to Opeth


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Dec 30, 2008
I am new to Opeth. I have heard a few songs (Blackwater Park, Closure, Porcelain Heart)...please tell me their best five songs.
As you know doubt already know 'best' is entirely subjective. Some fans prefer the rawer sound of their formative late 90's stuff, others the more recent material that is polished and produced.

You really can't go wrong with something from the middle years: Still Life, Blackwater Park, or Deliverance would each be great albums to start with.
Best 5 songs? Hard to do... but I will accomplish this task.

1. Godhead's Lament - Nothing compares.
2. Blackwater Park - Unbelievable breakdown and accomplishments of the highest tier. Don't even try to reckon with this.
3. Moonlapse Vertigo - Unexplainable, that's how amazing it is.
4. Deliverance - Listen to it. Period.
5. BTPISIO - Listen, Learn, and realize.

That's all I have to say.
Opeth albums are made to listen the whole way through. Skipping tracks and popping in a disc to hear just one specific song isn't something that I do with them.

Get a whole album.

My Arms, Your Hearse: If you like really brutal stuff.
Watershed: If you're looking for a more mellow experience, but still want it to be metal.
Damnation: If you want something entirely mellow.
Welcome to Opeth! As you can tell, there is no agreement between Opeth fans as to best song and best album. Just check the older threads. Although (also, as you can tell) practically all fans would agree that Opeth albums are meant to be listened to from beginning to end, at least when you first start listening to them. Once you start listening, you'll see why.

Personally, I think that Ghost Reveries is a good place for a beginner to start. It's a great album (Despite the fact that it gets bashed here a lot) and is probably their most accessible. As mentioned earlier, My Arms Your Hearse is their most brutal and intense. Damnation is their "mellow" album and good if you like the softer sound of Opeth (all clean singing and it has that laid back 70's vibe). My own personal favorite is Still Life. It and MAYH are their two concept albums.

Aw screw it, ALL of their albums are good. Although I wouldn't start off with Orchid. It's good, but you can tell that they haven't quite matured yet as a band. Just pick one and enjoy. Warning: They become extremely addictive.