I apologise in advance for the content of this post...

I dont know whether I should admit this or not, but it took me about 15 seconds before I worked out that the photo wasnt of a guys back.
BWHAHAHAHAHAH thats the funniest thing i'v seen in a while

i dunno about anyone else but i mean if i had Mr T staring at me while i was goin 'hell for leather'...i dunno it might be a bit of a turn off ?

although it would be a total spin out if u tripping or something

Mr T starts talkin to ya "Hey boy ! ,HEY BOY !...you look mighty fine in em jeans...why don't u come ere and Fuck me up de ass !"
LT: Thanx for noticing...i have been workin out... ;)


Just to clarifly for those who don't know that MrT bit i wrote b4 was actaully of Eddie Murphy 'Delerious'...if u haven't seen it SEE IT ..Murphy at his sickest and best TOTALLY non 'PC' :heh: