I got Dark Genesis!! (and some other crap)


Apr 14, 2001
WOO! You know, I always figured the remasters would sound pretty much the same, but Burnt Offerings sounds amazing! I dont really like Burnt Offerings apart from Last December and Dantes, so its a bit of a revelation :D
So there Kem, you dont have to yell at me for being insane anymore. Well not for the reason of not seeing the big deal about Burnt Offerings.
You know how that "Youll see the things I see" bit in BO the song sounds a bit crap? Its way different now and I am happy.
The other remasters sound great as well, but no amount of tinkering is going to fix that bastard that sang on the first record. He is so bad. So very bad.

I also got these......... (kindly reprinted with permission from Spawnys journal, thanks Spawny)

Whitesnake: Slip Of The Tongue

Rhapsody: Rain Of A Thousand Flames (Im not usually a big fan of power metal but this one had a cool album cover and great song names, so I bought it)

Angra: Rebirth

Testament: Low

Yay for me, I finally got Low as well!

Yes Im fully aware that I could have posted this in the DG at Utopia thread, but you know me, I like to be different :)

Anyways, i'm very happy indeed, so please leave a smiley of your choice in honour of my current euphoric state :D

P.S. Also go buy Dark Genesis. Best $120 I ever spent :D
Dark Genesis is rather good, innit? Brickbats to Leading Edge for not getting it in until after Christmas, and bouquets to my Mum for forking over the necessary cash :D. Someone should have ripped Gene Adam's larynx out before he even *thought* about going into the studio, but everything else about DG sounds pretty damn great to me. Now if only my Alive In Athens CDs would turn up, I'd be a very happy Iced Earthling indeed!

I like him. He's not so bad. He's funny. He reminds me of other singers around that era, but I can't remeber who. Annialator maybe? (now that one world I'm having trouble spelling)

The squeaky bit's a bit annoying, but once you get past that he's fine. Unfortunately the album opens with the squeaky bit, so it's more noticable.
I think you mean Randy Rampage from Annihilator, he isnt great, I agree, but he looks like Barlow compared to poor Gene, Ill have to give the other tracks a listen, I never get past Iced Earth before I turn it off in disgust! :D Though the intro to When The Night Falls doth rule :headbang:
My favourite singer-before-the-guy-with-actual-talent-joined-the-band would have to be Charlie Dominici, who sang on Dream Theater's "When Dream and Day Unite". I actually don't mind him that much, but he's obviously a far inferior vocalist to young Kev Labrie is because he has no range whatsoever, and so he gets a bad rap from most fans. Imagine Blaze without testicles, and you'll have Charlie Dominici :)
Quite good, yes.
My fav's;

  • Low
  • Legions
  • Hail Mary :headbang:
  • Trail Of Tears :headbang:
  • All I Can Bleed :headbang:
Hi Spawn, I have finally arrived. I hope you don't think I'm following you around or anything. :D

Dark Genesis is really cool, you have excellent taste in music! I agree with you on the first singer - no one can belt out Jon Schaffer's music like Matt Barlow - he simply rocks!

Wow! I can't believe how expensive your D.G. was. Mine was $33 USD at The End Records, that includes S & H. Too bad you Aussies have to spend so much $$ for having good taste in music.

I'm surprised to read that you don't like Burnt Offerings much. As with all I.E. music, I love it. No, it's not their best album, but it is still excellent, IMHO, of course.

You're insane? Gee, I guess I should ask what that makes me.

See ya around the board!

She Wolf! Glad you could make it, welcome to the best board on the internet :D

With Burnt Offerings, I LOVE Dantes Inferno and Last December, but I didnt really like the rest, but the remaster sounds a lot different and they fixed a few of the vocal things that annoyed me so Im liking it a lot more overall now!

Mine cost 60 dollars US, but im not complaining, I would have paid double :)