I hate this board



I liked the old board better, why cave in and be like all the other forums? Blech.
Originally posted by Mark

Actually, it's vBulletin, but I'll forgive you this once ;) :p

UBB? :rolleyes: vBulletin? :cool:


really? whoa, i thought it was a UBB cos the structure and setup seem the same, with only a few changes...but i figured that all that could be customized.

at any rate, this is kick ass shit, and FAST! WOW!!!!!
White Noise Rabbit

some posts bring the laughter
but most are just a bore
and the ones at other forums
don't really offer much more
go log off then
when it gets absurd
but if you go wasting minutes
with the bs on the boards
blame yourself then for time you've wasted
other things left undone
shut it all down
it's the right thing to do
before sick men on the Neverboard
post up and tell you where to go
pray for some kind of epiphany
will your ego stand the blow
go log off now
you'll be glad you did
it's logic and importance are quite self evident
before keystrokes that go ass-backwards
lead to typos that you dread
remember what the shaman said
see your bed
need your bed
rest your head


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