I need more Metalcore

Insomnium metalcore? They're melodic death metal you twat. I wonder what else you're confusing for metalcore......

I'm sorry, do you have reading problems? At what point did I say the bands I listed are metalcore? PLEASE find it for me; enlighten me.

you're looking for METALCORE!!!!

Just because I'm looking for metalcore, doesn't mean every band I like is metalcore.

Think twice before you call someone a twat.

Skeletonwitch, that picture in your sig is :lol:.

This is both metalcore and deathcore, but check out:

All Shall Perish - Everything
August Burns Red - Everything
Animosity - Animal
Arsonists Get all the Girls - The Game of Life (the name is really scene-y but they're actually decent)
Atreyu - The Curse
Job for a Cowboy- Doom
The Red Chord - Everything
Asking Alexandria most be the worst band to walk this planet. Seriously.