I wonder if Opeth....


Satanic Hispanic
Jun 4, 2002
will ever incorporate "blastbeats" in their music. I mean I'm positive Martin could do them-- just wondering what Opeth would sound like with a blastbeat. Not saying they need them- just would be an awesome surprise to see what mikael could do with that extra bit of brutality.... your thoughts?

It would also serve to give us ammo against the brainless jerks that complain about Opeth not being "brutal" enough... I hate that...
Why not, but how a blastbeat will sound depends totally in the riff beneath it. I could well imagine a blastbeat on some more dark-sounding parts on past albums...

To get to the point: how's that Nick Drake album compared to Pink Moon? ;) It's the only one I have right now...
well opeth have a few tremelo parts and also double kick... I mean nothing that you'd hear from Emperor, but it's still there...

I don't really think blast beats would go good with Opeth's kind of music at all... I just can't imagine the level of melody found in their music represented through blast beats.
There are a few different kinds. The blastiest kind is when they just hit the bass drums, snare, and some cymbal or other every beat, rapidly. I actually have very few songs with any, so I can't give good examples.

I don't think it'd fit with their music anyway.
One sort of blast beat is

Ride or hi-hat: 8th notes @ 250 BPM on every even click
Snare: 8th notes @ 250 BPM on every odd click
Bassdrum: 16th notes @ 250 BPM all the time.

So, basically what black metal bands play, and when Hellhammer plays it, it sounds like "prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". :)

I'm sure Opeth could find a way to incorporate blast beats into their music if they wanted to.
what the hell of nonsense.:eek:

i don't mind absolutely if OPETH have or not blastbeats!!!

i think they have to do what they want to do!

also if one day i'll don't like them i respect them.(but sure i'll give 'em a critic)

Originally posted by Silent Downfall
ive never had a solid definition of a blast beat, seems nobody knows. i always thought it was the fast drumming parts where you do tremolos and shit on guitar. other times ive been told it's just double kick.

A blastbeat is a very common beat in modern death metal and black metal.

In thrash and power metal, there are very fast songs with the bass drums going like machine guns. The snare would be keeping a 4/4 beat and the hi-hat would be going double-time the snare.

Example: the intro to Iced Earth's "Jack" (imagine playing along to that song, but the snare playing at the same pace as the hi-hat...that's a blastbeat)

In a blast beat, the snare is also going double-time along with the hi-hat.

Example: Cannibal Corpse's "Pounded Into Dust"

Hope it helped!

- Winter
to me a blastbeat is like an open roll between the ride or high-hat, bass drum and snare... I think thats what Pete Sandoval does anyway- and he would know- because he invented it! heh heh Praise Hail Pete Sandoval!
Now you can actually do a blast with both feet- alternating- but thats commonly known as a "cheat-beat".. It sounds fucking fast as fuck, but for some reason- to me, it dont sound as brutal.. Also I cant do it very well so- fuck it! haha I dunno... listen to Morbid Angel and you'll hear some prime "one-foot" blasting.. Derek Roddy (Hate Eternal) is another sick drummer who almost always blasts with his right foot only- the man is inhuman.......

AS for Opeth- yeah they dont need blasts- theyre fucking GODLY as is- but it would be nice to hear a blast in one of their arrangements... I'm very curious as to what Mikael could do with it, aren't you?
Originally posted by Opethfan1980
Meh. I'm not too big on blast beats. They sound difficult to play, but their just too fast for me to make out anything individual going on. I don't want just noise. I want to hear the music.

yeah well said... it would destroy a lot of the atmosphere in the music IMO
There's absolutely nothing wrong with a band that utilises blast beats creatively, and I am sure that if Opeth used them, they'd be no exception. But one of the things I really liked about Opeth when I first heard them years ago was that they didn't do alot of things that were the standard in death metal. (American DM in particular seems to revolve mainly around speed, it seems.) In any case, I wouldn't put anything past Mike & co., you never know what might pop up in their material, they're creative enough to try just about anything, I'd say.
I think that some drummers like Czral (Cadaver Inc./VedBuendEnde) Trym, Doc (Vader)- they can use blastbeats within a song quite well....
I try to put different accents and stuff into our music- check us out at www.mp3.com/noctuary-
basically to make things more interesting for me.... Blasting for the sake of it really blows tho! I completely agree....
Originally posted by OneFootBlaster
you can actually do a blast with both feet- alternating- but thats commonly known as a "cheat-beat".. It sounds fucking fast as fuck, but for some reason- to me, it dont sound as brutal..

Do you mean using your right foot on every other hi-hat hit and your left foot on every other? Yeah that's cheating, no good. :p

But I think the blastbeats that (for example) Nick Barker does on Dimmu's latest album sound really brutal; playing double kicks under the hat-snare -roll (i.e. a kick at the same time with hihat and snare hits)
I agree with Orchid- Nick's blast beats are amazing.. he can do both the 2-foot and 1-foot blasts quite well...
Its funny when you listen to the first CoF cd- man- his blasts were LAME! I guess you have to start somewhere....
The 2 foot works in some aspects.. I know Pete Sandoval does it ocassionally... I mean, you can only go so fast with one foot. I guess that thats why people started doing the "bicycling" blast haha