Iced Earth : Horror Show : Im-ho-tep question


Apr 13, 2001
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Ok, I just bought Horror Show (and how good is it!!!).

Now on the last verse of Im-ho-tep there seems to a strange sort of jumpy in and out type of thing happening, kind of sounds like the CD skipping, only it's under the song and the songs still playing. Is it meant to be like that? 'Cos it sounds funny.

But aside from that - ROCKS! 'specially Damien, Dracula, Phantom, Ghost of Freedom and the start of Wolf. And the rest of Wolf. And the other songs as well. 'Cept for the last chorus of Im-ho-tep. 'Cos it sounds funny.
Hmmm. I'll have to check this out and get back to you to that one... Apparently there was a batch of faulty copies shipped by the label in the rush to get it out on time, but I thought that it was restricted to promo versions.
Ill have to check and see if mine does that as well, I dont recall it though.........

Iced Earth rule! :D