I'm Back Guys!

Hello guys and girls,

If you wondered where i've been................on vacation.:cool:
Didnt want to mention it on here tho.(Never know what sick fucks can do when your gone)
Been to Lago 'd Idro- Italy.
Had a great relaxed time.
But i missed you and was also very anxtious to get tix for the upcomming gigs.:lol:
About that.
Can you tell me if the Essen VIP tix are sold out yet?

Talk soon.
I'M BACK! Well somewhat... I've just been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO extremely busy. Like you can't actually define how busy I have been. But hey now I have some free time, finally getting some holiday and going back home to Asia for two weeks, I need this time. It's gonna be great.

What's been happening here? What have I missed? Who hooked up with who? Who started stalking who? I want an update!