I'm going to see Porcupine Tree today....

self-pwning is very healthy...

It only happens to the not-1337 though !!1!one!!11!!!!
Don Corleone said:
well porcupine tree wasnt that popular back then, as far as i can remember.

They weren't. ESPECIALLY among metal fans. Around 6 months to a year after BWP came out, people started showing some interest in them solely because Steve produced BWP. They used to have nothing at all to do with metal fans, and their fanbase was made up of the spocks beard/flower kings/marillion etc. school of proggers. Funny how things change.
when is this PT dvd comming out. I havnt read the tracklist, but im sure it'll be amazing. They were great the 2 times i saw them last year. Seeing the mighty Fripp was a treat to.