Impulse response vs. a real mic'd cab comparison

Salvation 13

Feb 9, 2006
Tampere, Finland
I did this real quick inspired by a thread I saw on another forum.´

Remember, the idea was to get the impulse one to sound as close as I could to an unaltered mic'd track that has a qenuine room sound. Not necessarily a good, produced sounding tone.

The impulse is made of the same cab, mics are the same as well as the miking position.

Can you tell which is which? The impulse one has extensive post processing on it and the real one only a slight hipass.
Humm...bad listeners...
Miked sounds infinitely better than the impulshit one.
This two takes don't sound close in any way.
Impulshits almost never sound close to the real deal.
soon I will test taking impulses from my homemade cabinets to see if they match my actual tone....
Where is this thread in wich there was a comparison between a real mic´d cab and the impulse of the same cab-mic-position? Anybody remember that?