Using an isolation cab: What is a common standard of impulse I should use?


Jun 3, 2006
For metal?

I will be recording on a Splawn 2x12 with WGS Reaper speakers. This will be mic'd in an isolation cab so it will be dead sounding.

The 2x12 will be enclosed and it sounds great but dry and I need to add some room ambience.

I have the Waves plug in for impulses but have never used it before.

Any advice would be great as I am new to impulses.

Including how to use impulse "x" via the Waves plugin.
I don't think there's a standard "metal reverb" impulse. Most of the time when impulses are used on guitar, it's for cab sims. If you want some impulse reverb, just see what impulses you can find and use what sounds good to you.
did you try standard room a/room b ambience within your DAW. other ressources would be (first google answer ;))
EDIT: this place I found by accident is quite cool. they have IR of washmachines and buckets. gonna try that out hahaha

Hahahahahahahahaahha, this inspires me to make impulses of things like my toilet and the inside of my own mouth...oh the possibilities :lol:
Or better yet, cram a mic up your ass and make an IR of your rectum! :lol: I'm sure you could sell 'em to death metal bands like BOWEL