In Need of Drum editing Practice!


Jun 11, 2010
Belfast, N.Ireland
i know i'm going to get told to use the google sneap search but i genuinely have been looking and have found loads of threads for editing but i cant find anything with a live link,

I'm wondering if anyone can hook me up with a few session where drums haven't been edited yet, but need done, i can edit fairly well but want to get faster and i'd love to practice on songs i'm not familiar with to learn to "read the drummer" better etc

I don't mind about quality of recordings and other track to back it, (as long as i have something for a quide)

So again i don't need something to mix, as there are more than i can count on this forum,

any help would be massively appreciated
If you have EZdrummer or Superior drummer or kontakt you can route out all the mics to the tracks in your DAW.
Then take a midi file of the drums and humanize the notes or make them as sloppy as you want.
Hit record and let it record all the mics onto the tracks in the DAW.
You can edit the humanized/sloppy drums from there. You know what I mean?
Yeah man i get that, but that would only help with practicing the mechanical operation of editing, which i'm well versed in, not being a drummer myself, i want to practice "reading the drummer" and figuring out what they intended to play and then be able to edit it to that, so like in real life when my boss hands me something to edit, i probably haven't heard the song before and i have to figure it out and get it done, i appreciate the suggestion though, thanks
I've got some for you as well as one scratch track for the guitars. Guitarist played with the drummer without a metronome so it's all sorts of not on time forsure. Never told me the BPMS but yeah if you're interested give me your dropbox email and i'll send you a link when I get a chance