Drum editing for my album has been started - Adam's Slip Editing!

... my god, i can't fuckin wait for the album/ep/whatever it is. :D

and btw, the drums are sounding awesome!

Neither can I but I have some brutal mental mountains to climb before this is done :| Thanks for your anticipation (correct word?)!

lol sure thats the main reason, but I also meant they dont work that well on their own because of the sound itself...you know what i mean? they sound great on its own but lack something for a mix...but i gotta try out that kind of blending you did for sure :kickass:

Ah yeah probably that too :) I don't believe in 100% replacement. If I do replace 100% it's just like either programming the drums or just playing it via e-drums. Therefore when I blend I have a rule to always let the sample peak a maximum of few dbs under the original track.