Introduce yourself here

I'm Luke, i'm from inner west Sydney.

I play bass but i'm not in a band at the moment because 1) no one loves me & 2) i can't be arsed looking for one at the moment.

I'm mainly into thrash, hard rock, prog, alternative & punk but i do like a bit of drum n bass, jazz & funk every now and then.

I first saw Lycanthia probably at the empire and i can't count the number of times i've been plastered having a great time at there gigs... or watching a certain drummer singing material girl!
Hi, I've been a Lycanthia fan for a few years ever since my band first played with them (Fearscape)... Now I'm in Melbourne, new city, new band (inExordium - we have just started our forum here) and far far fewer Lycanthia gigs :(
Im Clay,
My old band Nobody Knew They Were Robots played with Lycanthia in Adelaide.Was a big venue,very empty.That was a couple of years ago now.
I recently produced 3 songs for Sam and Christians new band Myraeth.Absolutly stunning band.Seeing big things for them.
Also in the guts of an album with The veil and new doom supergroup Adrift For Days.Lots of fun times.
Check out our studio its Doom friendly.
We excell at all extreme styles of music.

Just thought Id introduce myself