is it just me?

I don't know that Hammond organ adds a bit of a nasty smooooooooooth sound... Can't you just see some big black man oilin down his lady? hahahahahahahaha
god thats not porno music. damn that makes me think of the dark night when its raining. That song used to scare the shit out of me the first time i listened to it on headphones. when the piano kicks in it just scares you.
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Heh, I think I can see why you say that... but its still you :loco: [/QUOTE

ok but yesterday i was watching a porno and guess what... Epilogue was playing in the background.:p so i was right after all. it doesnt matter that i was in the film with my girlfriend and i put the song on but it still was on never the less. so i rest my case. EPILOGUE=Porn soundtrack ;)
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Heh, I know, I've got a copy ;) Shame it doesn't last that long :p And having seen it long is definitely not a word I would use ;) Hehe, kidding. Soooo... Opeth porn..... cool!

the bitch, she promised she wouldnt sell any!! someones gonna have a meeting with the belt tomorrow :heh: