Is this mix album ready?


Jan 31, 2006
I know I've posted this song a couple times before and I'm sick of the damn song myself, but I'm really excited about this mix. I think that this is going to be the mix template I'll use for our album once we finally finish all the songs up. I mastered it myself, but I'm still considering a professional mastering job for the final. Are you guys digging this mix?

Original mix

Here's mix 2 with DFHS/Slate and I spent more time on the master for a proper job. I think this is 99% there!
Click here - mix 2

Here's mix 3 with much punchier drums. I also changed the guitar EQ to sound warmer. The digititis of the Gearbox may be reduced significantly, but I'll let you guys be the judge of that.
Absolutely. Very cool. :headbang:

Imo a professional mastering could turn this from great into fantastic.
sounds fantastic, however I would like a pinch more volume on that snare if I had to get picky about it. Like all the delays on the vocals, the harmonies sound killer too.
I think the snare needs a little more balls to it imo. I like snappy snares, but this one needs more body I feel. Apart from that, the rest is awesome as usual dude.
Dude I absolutely love that. I cannot express how much I would buy a cd of that kind of material. On to my next thought which is.....How do you guys do this stuff. My shit always sounds so dry. This sounds so good. I need to learn how to eq my guitars better I guess.
Could you make it downloadable? I can only listen on shitty earbuds for now, and I have EQ settings in Winamp that (sort of) make them better, but it's hard to tell from the flat Soundclick player... everything sounds like a clock radio when I use flat EQ settings with these earphones. :p

However, production-wise, I love what you've done with it. I like the more ambient intro better than the last one you had a couple of months ago, and the additional ambient guitar overdubs in the outro sound good too, although I might hold back on them for the last 2 phrases (starting with the palm-muted rhythm guitars).
haha, can i buy this?? It sounds awesome. I need this on my!

Also, just curious. One on of your mixes it says DKFHS and Slate. Are you using Slate samples with DKFHS? Or what exactly are you doing?
Splat sounds awesome! :headbang:

Can you post what you are using for your final sound?

Guitars - Line 6?

Bass- ?

Drums - Dfhs with Slate?

And last what is your vocal chain once you hit the box?
Hmm, I really love the music dude, and the mix sounds great (though I agree about the snare needing some more body, all I get is snap) - also, I really feel the guitars are lacking, more than just thinness, but an overall digi-itis (I assume you used gearbox) - if you don't own any good guitar gear anymore, I'd really recommend sending the DI tracks out for reamping.
hmm, i love it all but I personally dont enjoy the the processed drum sound in comparison to you're other stuff. The toms and the snare get to me the most, but I see what you're going for and it sounds like it works! Its still mega, mega good though.
... I'd really recommend sending the DI tracks out for reamping.

It is not automatically guaranteed that you can use those when it comes to fit them in the rest of your mix (as good as they may be on their own). IMO to know your components and putting them together with your personal taste and style to reach the best expression for the whole song (as heard in this example) is much more important. (than this one big guitar sound).