Katatonia in the US?


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May 18, 2001
Waukesha, WI
What's the deal? Is Katatonia going to be touring in the US? How about another Metalfest appearance? Awesome show last summer, seing Endtime live was nothing short of a religious experience. Got to meet Jonas after the show too. Well I got his autograph and shook his hand, but it's still the highlight of my pathetic life.
I was reading some mag the otherday and there was an interview with cathedral. they were talking about metalfest and why they didnt' do any other dates. lee dorrian said that cathedral had to sign a contract to make their metalfest appearance an exclusive one. I guess that's pretty common. they do that to draw people to the fest. I dunno. if that is the case with katatonia, but that would seriously hinder a tour. oh well...metalfest is gonna fun and everyone should go anyway.