Katatonia Live!!!


discouraged one
May 18, 2001
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is there anyone who watched any live katatonia show?? i'm going to see them live, but i'm wondering about which songs they're going to play?? have you any idea??
I saw them at the Bradford Peacefest in early march. Unfortunalty they wern't headlining, still there back in England again soon. :D :D :D :D

Anyway, they played pretty much what you expect, stuff from the last 3 albums only though, nothing from Brave.. or before. LFDGD hadn't been released at the time so they didn't play much from that but I'm sure they will now.
Oh and they played Nerve, my favorite track :D

Everyone should get over to the poll on the website and vote for Endtime, yeah.

i got to see katatonia in the milwaukee metalfest. the sound sucked !! they werent using their own equipment. it was beyond their control. they played alot fromdiscouraged ones. their last song was from "brave murder day" (endtime)
Originally posted by Liam Cullen
They're coming to England again?!? :D

They are doing a mini-tour of the UK called "A Darkness Coming Tour.." sponsored by Terrorizer and Peaceville. You can find full dates @ www.katatonia.com or www.peaceville.com. They have already scheduled a couple gigs in Finland and even Turkey. More dates for this summer are most likely on the way as well..
Katatonia is coming to Turkey for a two-night gig and i'm really excited about it!! I missed King Diamond a few weeks ago cos of my parents (the concert was in another city) and no way this time!! I cannot miss such a great band!!

Hearing from Brave Murder Day will be a honor!

see you
Even though it will be hard for me to wait until 2002 for a US Katatonia show, it will be well worth it. As for Katatonia coming to the US, if they do I full tour I hope they cover all of North American and not just the coasts.
i hope that they will play "endtime". but who sings this song, when they play it in the concert? Jonas or Anders??? as far as i know both can do death vocals...
I still haven't seen Katatonia live but I heard the same things as most friends that they aren't bringing their own sound equipments to most of their concerts especially metal fests they participate.And so the sound isn't good as fans expect.A week later they're comin' to Turkey and I wish they brought their own equipments..
I watched them alive here in Istanbul.. the New Katatonia does not attract me any more.. the Only reason to go was to see them.. They played from the last 3 albums.. And finished it with ' Endtime ' as always..
Still I miss the albums like the Revival, Dance of December Souls, Brave Murder Day and Sounds of Decay..
Hmm;Do you think that they have changed?
Did you speak with them?
I did it man they have not changed they are still depressive
Read their lyrics
They are right
"I was chosen for a while then with time i am CHANGING AT LEAST THAT IS WHAT THEY SAY"

I had been thinking like you but now (for about 2-3 years) i did not and will not
You must change your mind listen the last 3 album carefully again
They are still perfect althugh they did not played MURDER :cry:

"It's so hard to explain what i meant when i said that i wanted you dead"