Katatonia Song Meanings~

We Must Bury You...I'm guessing it might have something to do with putting emotions aside. Or if something in the past might have happened that you want to forget about, you try and bury it to the back of your brain.

That probably sounds utterly gay.
i have my own conception about the whole 'viva emptiness' album, though it`s definitely bullshit just like any other thing i say. i have a feeling it`s about a couple and they killed someone. i don`t know if they did it together and i doubt it was done on purpose, but it might be.. i don`t really know and i can`t arrange my thoughts right now, not during june and july, but i might figure all out when i`ll have some time. the songs are related to each other, but not all, some are just to fill the album up, they have nothing to do with the overall story (?). no i didn`t mean the songs are bad, i meant they don`t try to be related to the overall story at all. or maybe they are, that`s why i said i need a little bit more research on the whole thing.

nevermind my blabbering though...
Can anypne tell me about the meaning of the songs Sulfur and Wait outside i love them!
Can anypne tell me about the meaning of the songs Sulfur and Wait outside i love them!

sulfur is about love, for who only Jonas knows. it refers to the stuff on the end of a match that makes it light up:
"I had sulfur in my heart
but not enough strenght to give it a spark
I didn't know when to start
when we were bright or when we were dark
I had a wind in my chest
blew as hard as it ever could
I could have written books for you
if I only knew"

Wait outside is pretty open to interpretation...it seems to me like its about betraying someone.

All in all, it is impossible to know the meaning of a song that is not telling a complete story. The meaning is only ever your own. Like, clearly the Itch is about having fungal feet.