krank rev jr


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i know we've had discussions about this amp on the forum before, but has anyone got one? im tempted at picking one of these up (either the rev jr, or rev jr pro) as i noticed on the krank site, and a cpl of uk stores the heads are now being sold separatly

think its £399 for the rev jr (£599 wen you get it with the cab)

so i could scrap my idea of getting the peavey 6505 and getting both the rev jr and orange tiny terror for about the same price!
I'm still GAS'ing really bad for a Rev Jr., I say get one and be different :)

The Rev MK1 daddy would be the ideal choice but for 1/3 of the price if this little bastard sounds pretty good then its no doubt a good purchase!
FULLMETAL: Dude, please show me some clips of that little bastard! I'm seriously in love with it from the other clips I have heard. I want to hear more though :)

Was that through the Krank 1x12 or another cab? Guitar/pups/mic/etc., gotta share the details :)

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The 1x12 that came with it is lame IMHO.

Bass: 6
Mid: 3.5
High: 3.5
Gain: 5 (boost button engaged)
Active effects loop level: 7
I actually prefer the SD-1 over the OD808 with this amp due to the massive low end and lack of resonance controls. It helps tame the farting that can occur.
Haha, I was going to ask the same thing! Want to see how it sounds through my Bugera and Dual Recto's power section and into my Mesa 4x12.

I'm pretty much set on the Rev Jr. being the next "big" purchase I make, definitely the next amp purchase. Dunno if I should get the Standard or Pro, though since the Pro has an EQ for the Kleen channel. Then again this will most likely remain a studio amp anyway...