Least Favorite


Oct 18, 2004
I know there was a poll on the favorite Opeth album, but what do you all consider to be your least favorite. My least favorites are a close tie between Still Life and Deliverance.
Blackhorse_Experience said:
Yo Shark, you'll learn to love Still Life. I wasn't into it that much when it first came out but now it is my favorite Opeth album. It just may be by favorite album from anyone too...
I feel that still life has the best lyrics out of all the albums, I just can't seem to get into the music though.
Yeah, I figured this was already discussed, just bored so I felt like making the thread.
Still Life, I highly enjoy 'White Clusters' but that is it. It's a really boring album. I have yet to hear Damnation.
Silent Song said:
between that, Deadwing and Riverside, i think half the Opeth forum is obsessed (myself included)

Really? I'd never have guessed...LOL

But seriously, it's a good thing you are! I probably wouldn't have bothered to download it (legally of course, as I am not Trey Parker) if everyone here hadn't been raving about it 25/7!
I dislike a lot of both orchids and morningrise, there are some parts i like out of both, e.g. The twilight is my robe solo, Intro to The apostle in triumph. In general, i just can't get into these two, Still not sure which is the worst though.