looking for a high-end guitar, recommendations?

the more i think about it, the more i'm convinced that the formula nt-II is "the one". now i just need to find a way to raise the funds.
these things are fucking rare btw. there's only 3 stores in germany that have them in stock. you can't even get it from thomann!
I have both an ESP EC-II and a Jackson RR, and I love them both, because they are very different guitars.

Altough I absolutely love my ESP, it's short scale makes it a bit weird to play if you plan on down tuning a lot. I play in E so that's not a problem, but even in D standard, the strings are pretty slack already, even with bigger string gauge.
Every guitar is different, but in my experience, ESP's quality standards are pretty high, and I never played one of their guitar without wanting to buy it, lol.

If you plan to tune to B, my recommendation is that you get a baritone guitar, a 7-strings, or at the very least something that has a longer scale than the EC-II. Even if the guitar sounds great, it'll eventually piss you off. For the record, I bought mine for 900$ on ebay (plus around 250$ shipping/customs), so sometimes they go for relatively cheap.
If you're going to play in B standard, then you might as well treat yourself to a 7 string then. Something w/ a longer scale too, maybe a 28" or a 30".
well, the songs are written for a 6 string so i think a 7 won't do me any good.
as for baritone guitars, well, while i've been thinking about getting one just for the B tuned stuff, i also have a band that plays in D standard, and i like to switch guitars around every now and then.

btw, my dean is a 24,75 scale axe, and it works in B just fine. yes, proper setup and intonation does take a while, but once you're set it's just like any 25,5 scale guitar really. i never really noticed any real difference between the two scale lengths tbh....
Keep in mind that anything equipped with EMGs will sound mainly like EMGs...
IMHO EMGs make about 90% of the sound and the rest is strings and guitar.
So (IMHO again) a mid level guitar with EMGs will sound almost like a high end guitar with EMGs.

If i wanted a high end guitar i would look for something with very hot passive pickups, very high quality workmanship (and great looks).